Laziness – hobby or a disease :P


Yeah, so i’m probably the most laziest person on the entire world, i should compete for a freaking reward, if there is any in that category….not in the job, i must say…i try to do everything the best i can and fast, most of the time actually neglecting my own nerves and health but when it comes to something private in my life………wow…….i should probably be put in a lab so they can determine what genes gone wrong…i do have a plan what to do but the moment in getting things actually done…….yeah…not my thing… kavaYou know how  before getting to sleep you make a whole plan for tomorrow, full of energy and positive thinking……and then you wake up….and you instantly know the day is going to hell….especially if some bad news puts you in the bad mood..and all the previous motivation just disappeared. So, for example, when i was in high school and college i used to leave everything for the last moment….homework, some project or studying for the exam, so even if you knew days about it i would leave everything for the last day possible, it’s just amazing how many excuses i would manage to find just so i don’t do the only thing i should be doing at that time..i would even go to do something entirely boring just to avoid something, it’s amazing how my brain works..



When we finally get to the last day before the exam and you can almost see invisible counting hours before it’s the final judgment day..what do i do? Sleep longer..yep…you need some good sleep..then it’s a breakfast followed by a just a tiny bit of time spent on internet..until it’s time for lunch njami….then you end up doing something in the kitchen until just the work and the food makes you so tired you want to take nap..until the evening when it’s a dinner again, followed by a million other things that probably would include everything else just not the school…so now it would be around 8 pm, if i managed to even pick a textbook…have around 5 min reading it until my attention goes to internet..again…why someone has to put out the new album just when you aren’t allow to go near it? then…10 or 11 pm…you decide you are too tired and let’s take a little nap, of course it’s going to be just an hour or hour and half top…. smil42c3e6741add0you put an alarm on the cellphone and everything is ok…….then you just moved it again, and again and when you finally manage to get up around 2 am , too sleepy and seeing double, there goes the study time yay…it lasts around 10 min until you realized *screw it*, it’s not like you are going to actually remember something and you are going to rely on *other methods* on exam …which your friends just love it because they can get into this mode —> staracsmil42c642dbb72efshrugsigh


no…..not really……there is always more choices…well, there is around twenty and something people in the class at least, why would a teacher pick me? ……and my fav, just lie..whatever the first thing gets on your mind followed by a very convincing puppy eyes sweet….and if a teacher is onto you? just keep burying yourself deeper…it’s all about your dignity whatever…..not my proudest days, but eventually i gave up……homework? yeah, i didn’t do it……


The worst part every day is getting up, as a very lazy and very sleepy person…getting up at around 5:20 am every day was the same as death penalty…with time i got few tricks for that one as well…1. just simply turn down an alarm and roll on the other side of the bed ……..until a friend sends a text asking WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU  *rage of the dragon * surrender……..yep…2. as you can’t do that every day, sleep whenever you have a chance – on the bus, train, sleepwalk to the class and sleep on at least 2 or 3 classes before all the bell ringing and annoying people wake you up…at least on some 80 percent. 3. take any chances to leave a classroom – if a teacher needs a help with something or needs a personal favor ( like constantly buying him newspapers every day during the class hours) you have to be the  first one ….yay for the enthusiasm 😛 …of course never miss a chance to make a detour …come on, who comes back after a 10 min if you have a chance to leave ?  4. if you are simply too bored at school you can always just skip the rest of the classes………in case drawing something, reading or listening the music doesn’t help..and then be prepared to have the best excuses ever..i think i covered pretty much every single category during my time there….especially when it came to sports…i had a best record there, just imagine you managed  to exercise almost 10 times during whole year! whoaaa..impressive. ( and those were the times when nothing was graded at the moment dop do do do. I still remember when i jumped out the window of a gym followed by few fellow thinkers, because who would want to go in a pub alone? good old days kava ………..5. and if you are already on the route to the school and managed to get past the waking up and bus part, you end up in front of the doors and before the final moment stepping in….you turn around and go for a nice warm breakfast and a cappuccino ………… how did i pass the school with the actually good or excellent grades ? It’s a mystery to me as well smil4093e95ebc67a


And you would think that after few years things would change………..yeah, not really….if you can’t reach something, you don’t need it…….why would you do something in the morning when you can wait until 10 pm? why do you have to make your bed every day? it’s not like a tornado passed through it…………’s getting cold in the room, you have to turn on a heater…..yeah, i’ll just roll over on the other side of the bed and cover in a few blankets…………having make up every day? – nooooooooooooo……..what a waste of time…it’s not like you will look much better and eventually you have take a shower so what’s the point? ……… battery died- it’s ok..i’ll charge it ..later….much later. …you have to go to eat – but i’m not hungry, i’ll just sleep until the dinner, ect…one of my fav dillema is the phone ringing!!!!!!!!!!!! someone will pick it up………it’s still ringing….the damn phone is ringing!!!!!!!! ……….you are still debating if you should pick it up or not ….until you realize that whoever that is, if it’s something important , they will call again..then you will answer..if is your friend, he will send a text message..and if is some annoying person trying to drain the life out of you with hundreds of questions – yeahhhhhhhhh! i got you this time smil42c3e6741add0hahaha


Since , from the little bit of a family i have, i can’t actually find any lazy person, or not that much lazy as i am, i think i’ll blame the cat! yep….i spend way too much time hanging out with my pet and i had  generations of cats so their laziness must have rubbed on me, because i picked up a lot of their habits 😛 yes…cats have a very bad influence on people. shrug

cutie pie


About sanasorey

Hello ;) I will be writing with alias, Sana Sorey. I'm from Croatia,born on 7.11.1988., and a really stubborn scorpion. I'm a real bookworm, especially for vampire and fantasy novels, also a big fan of Anime and Manga....i love black color, metal, goth and rock music....i watch a lot of tv series and love a good action or comedy movie, also i'm a gamer as well, too bad i dont have Play station...i probably wouln't leave the room then :p I can with the most confidence say that i passed a lot of crap in my life and i'm pretty much sure that's still just a tip of the iceberg what the future life have in store for me. I started few projects on my own: 1. helping/giving advice/support to depressed people - abused teenagers (just for being different then anyone else), some funny and random post or advice from life exp. 2. reviewing cosmetics, books and other stuff 3. promoting other people - their job or hobbies ( making unique jewellery at home, bags, crochet, tattoos, drawings, ect.) 4. reviews of snacks and sweets :) ......and working on starting more themes plus going back to write on both languages - English and Croatian :) If you want to know little more about me, visit this link --->
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7 Responses to Laziness – hobby or a disease :P

  1. ..mistika.. says:

    hahahaha 😛

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  3. Samiul Huda says:

    The caption – “Laziness- hobby or a disease”
    It gives off the notion that u’r going to justify laziness as a disease, had me confused at the start.

    Good blog otherwise 🙂

    • sanasorey says:

      thank you 😉 it has an interesting title because i couldn’t even myself labeled it as one of those 2…….lol…laziness strikes when you don’t expect it 😛

  4. Leeloo says:

    Excellent blog!! You are not alone :).. this is my problem too 😀

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