Review of Merz Spezial Dragees and Labello Lip Butter

merz picture

Hi, so here is my first review of some cosmetic products  cheer…i’m really interested how this will turn out so have mercy on me since i’m just a beginner :P.

Note : i will write those on both languages, also won’t be literally translating every word, i prefer to give it a free translations and use of words rather then simply sticking to boring facts and forms.

1- MERZ SPEZIAL DRAGEES- for skin, hair and nails

merz vitaminiMADE BY : Merz Pharmaceuticals GmbH, D-60048 Frankfurt/Mahn, Germany

Merz Spezial Dragees are personally for me very good supplement with normal food if you have  noticed that body started to give you sos signals ( more like silent screams ) which indicates lack of vitamins. For some time already i have been searching for a really good product to buy which won’t cost too much  and you are satisfied with the results, so after describing my *problems with the lack of vitamins* i got exactly this product as a recommendation.

FOR WHAT IS IT AND CHARACTERISTICS: Merz Spezial Dragees are nutritional beauty supplements. Tired skin, brittle nails and hair without natural shine, usually are signs of insufficient intake of necessary nutrients. The ingredients in Merz Spezial Dragees have been chosen to provide the relevant nutrients, in the correct proportions, to support natural biological processes. Merz Spezial dragee composition is adapted to supply the organism, according to the daily needs of the body and skin, effective vital substances, such as vitamins and iron. They provide for:

  • fresh and healthy skin – Vitamin C helps to make your skin strong and elastic, and protects it from oxidative damage. Vitamin E, vitamin B2 and zinc also protect your skin from oxidative damage, Vitamin E stabilises the ”skin barrier function“, which helps your skin to retain moisture, and to keep undesirable substances out, Cysteine and methionine (in soy protein*), and L-cystine, are building blocks needed to make skin. Vitamin B6 helps to incorporate these building blocks into your skin and Niacin, biotin, vitamin A and vitamin B2 are vital to maintain your skin
  • strong and shiny hair – Cysteine and methionine (in soy protein*), and L–cystine, are building blocks needed to make hair. Vitamin B6 helps to incorporate these building blocks into your hair, Zinc is essential for the health of your hair, and to prevent hair loss and Biotin is vital to maintain your hair
  • beautiful and firm fingernails – Cysteine and methionine (in soy protein), and L–cystine, are building blocks needed to make nails. Vitamin B6 helps to incorporate these building blocks into your nails, Zinc is essential to develop your nails, and to give them strength, Iron is an important component of nails, making them strong and tough and Biotin increases nail growth and, for people with brittle nails, increases nail thickness by 25%
  • merz sastojciFurthermore, Merz Spezial Dragees contain iron, folic acid, and vitamins A, B2 and B12, which are needed to make blood, in order to deliver these nutrients to your skin, nail beds and hair roots (except that soy protein and milk could be a possible allergens i haven’t found any other warnings)

DOSAGE: Take one Merz Spezial Dragee twice a day  with the water (in the morning and the evening) after the meal  and it’s not recommended to overstep that dosage.

Available in a pack containing 60 dragees which is enough for a month.

WHERE TO BUY: any good pharmacy

PRICE : US $14.95 on e-bay :P,  or 12 euro

Since the whole growth process of hair and nails plus the skin regeneration is quite a slow process, you should drink them at least three weeks to see noticeable changes. Recommended time of taking Merz Spezial Dragees is 2 times  per year, first in the spring so we can prepare our hair, skin and nails being exposed to the sun and second one should be in the autumn when we have to help them to regenerate from harmful factors of sea salt and sun rays, and also as a protection from the cold winter weather.

For more info visit–>

merz dražeje



I use them for a month now and i’m actually quite satisfied with the results – i must say i was really suspicious about taking some magical vitamins pills. The pack contains 60 dragees which are middle sized, pink colored and have really nice fruity smell so they remind you more as eating a candy then actually taking a pills ( which is pretty good for those who really don’t like to swallow pills ).

The bottle for itself is actually quite simple to handle, which i must say is a new plus since i really hate it when you can’t close it properly and it gets broken very easy  so either you again have troubles in opening and closing or it just doesn’t want to stay closed  and if you are clumsy as certain people  smil42c642dbb72ef, you can then  spend nice amount of time trying to collect them all back from their conspiracy running in the bag or the table.

Dosage is 1 to 2 dragees per day but i have decided to take only 1 after the meal, i figured out since i lack some vitamins it’s better not to overreact and it’s more safer if the body gets used to it first ( that was mostly because after so many sweet stuff i eat on a daily base i was kinda scared my body would just  get into a shock if actually detects vitamins for a change  hahaha….and then i wonder why i lack certain vitamins 😛 ).

merz 2

1. A bigger exposure to the stress lately and bad choice of food did quite a damage to my body so it was a critical  for me already to actually start taking some supplements. After a month of drinking those pink little pills i have noticed how my nails got much better, harder and healthier. They were really fragile and weak, not that weak that even a butterfly couldn’t sit on the top of them but it wasn’t a rare occasion that if i by accident slammed with the nails on some object they  simply broke, had very slow growth and the biggest issue were those small white dots which just appeared over night and then you can spend next month watching them how they are going on your nerves until you get rid of them just so the new ones can appear.  So the biggest difference i can see now is that my nails are finally healthy, very strong and they are growing really fast…and there isn’t  even one tiny little white spot on them….finnaly…….as a small member of the female community that is very important to me 😛

2. Considering the skin, i haven’t noticed much of a difference mostly because my skin is normal type ( even if i am a little bit too pale) :P, but according to some infos i collected from other people who used those dragees, the additional vitamins made skin looking really clear, healthier and shinier without a skin problems, of course, you still have to use daily care of it but i think vitamins are quite important in order to  achieve that look.

3. My hair is very long and in still natural brown color but it’s a pain in the neck to try and make it a healthy and lately with a appearance of grey hairs   help me and fragile hairs it was more then obvious i need to do something about it very quickly because my body is lacking of something. Now i have noticed my hair became much stronger and less falls off, hair looks more thicker and more durable and also i see lots of new hair growing which usually doesn’t miss the opportunity  to keep falling on my eyes so i end up wondering from where the heck did you come from.

The product doesn’t have much of a side effects, some have noticed that because of B complex can have increased appetite or maybe increased body hair growth, which kinda does make sense since the vitamins are the key in making your hair or nails grow faster – i didn’t see anything bad.


I’m personally very satisfied with the effects so i will grade it as an awesome product. The pills aren’t big, fat and stinky horse pills, they are nice, small, pink and fruity flavored ones which lasted 2 months for me. The price is quite good and the results are really visible and satisfying , i’m quite excited about finally having beautiful nails and personally have no complaints about the product itself. Now i have new young hair that keeps bugging me in my eyes, strong and healthy nails, nice skin too.

Those dragees are very popular because of good results and i would definitely recommend it to anyone who is searching for some beauty supplement.  😉



To spare myself and probably everyone else with the game *guess what’s that blurry object on the picture* i have found quite lovely and charming pictures on the internet. I hope that in some future i will be able use a better camera and actually make my own artist pictures 😉 Personally i took Labello Lip Butter Vanilla&Macadamia while my friend decided to take Labello Lip Butter Raspberry Rose. I’m sure they are both great but currently i’m not much of a Raspberry rose fan, since they are growing in my backyard so every summer i stuck making syrup, a jam or an ice cream, which usually would make me feel very excited but i prefer very sweet stuff, raspberries are too sour for my taste. I think this would be quite accurate reaction if i have to eat them  –>  ghost.

MADE BY: Beiersdorf , Germany

With 130 years experience in skin care and one of the world’s most modern research centers, Beiersdorf stands for innovative and high-quality cosmetic products.

To learn more about the Company please visit

SHORT HISTORY: 1909. Two years after Dr. Oscar Troplowitz came up with a great innovation of a caring lip balm, the Labello brand was introduced in Germany, Switzerland and Austria-Hungary. The word Labello is derived from the Latin words “labium” (lips) and “bellus” (beautiful) which is exactly the goal of Labello – to give you beautiful lips!

USAGE: Labello Lip Butter provides long lasting softness for lips, healthy and groomed look, nourishes them and make them look more hydrated, protects from harmful effects of a weather……you use it by applying a small dosage on your fingers then smear it on your lips ( or if you have a habit like someone else  smil42c642dbb72efand when nobody is watching, you can simply apply it directly from the can -more like a slightly kissing a can,  it’s much simpler and you can avoid the greasy texture after sticking your fingers in the can )..but that method mostly works only when your Labello can is still brand new ……it melts in  contact with the lips and fingers giving them a slight shine and relaxes the senses with the smell

vanilaLabello Lip Butter Vanilla & Macadamia

The rich formula of Labello Lip Butter with Hydra IQ, sheabutter and almond oil will boost your lips with an intensive and long term moisture. The pampering formula with vanilla& macadamia nut scent will care that your lips are soft and smooth.

labelo malinaLabello Lip Butter Raspberry Rose

The rich formula of Labello Lip Butter with Hydra IQ, sheabutter and almond oil will boost your lips an intensive and long term moisture. The pampering formula with raspberry scent will care for your lips and let them be soft and smooth with a light hint of pink tone.

Price: about 3 euro

labello lip butter


My personal view is applied to a Labello Lip Butter Vanilla&Macadamia but i have to admit i expected a little bit more since that product was so suddenly popular and really hard to get . Packaging can is really small with 19 ml of product in it and quite not good for opening, maybe would be the best for fitting in a child’s fingers but usually it’s a little bit hard to open it and sometimes it can happen that just slips and flies away from your hands, especially if your fingers are still greasy from the applying it ( of course, i speak that from my own experience 😛 ) The whole idea about packaging can is quite adorable, girls do have that habit of falling for a really cute things 🙂

I have to say that smell is really sweet and nice, gentle and mostly has a calming effect so when i first time tried to use it i spent some time sniffing the vanilla smell from the packaging can and tried to remember on what exactly does it remind me of. 😉 It has a quite rich texture and you can feel the oily part which very nicely keeps your lips soft and hydrated , but it doesn’t have a vanilla taste, i’m slightly disappointed since i expected it to have some vanilla taste ( i have a very bad habit of simply *eating* all of my Labello’s from the lips 😛 ). Depends on what are you doing or where are you , it will hold about 2 hours before you have to apply it again. The bad point it’s really addicting to start grabbing the Labello can too many times at day .

My friend agreed to make a review for me for a Labello Lip Butter Raspberry Rose smug. She agreed with my humble opinion about packaging can and slight problems during the openings, but Labello in the can is really an amazing idea and i have to mention, it’s little bit harder to lose it :P. Just how many times it happened my Labello stick just rolled over somewhere on the unreachable location and then you can’t grab it and i think i have even seen some funny video about a girl running and trying to catch rolling Labello 😛

Smell of Raspberry Rose is more intensive, lighter and fruity, it reminds you on some candy and after applying it you can still smell it, that is the little difference between Raspberry Rose and the Vanilla one. Also while Vanilla is little bit harder, Raspberry Rose has a lighter more cream like texture which melts faster and also leaves a slightly pink colored lips with quite a refreshing care for your lips. Maybe because of the difference in the texture, vanilla lasts a little bit longer but it depends on what are you doing, your lips or the environment and a weather.

GRADE 3.8/5

I personally really like can packaging but they need a little bit working on it how to properly open it without much troubles, for some who has a longer nails or perhaps for a male hands, tiny little can will give some trouble.

I hope i will soon get an info which one lasts longer – Labello in a stick or this one in the can. Kinda think Labello in the can will take a shorter end since with addictive usage you will use it much faster. It works quite good in taking care of your lips – mostly normal types, if your lips are very dry and need more attention this Labello could be solution but for me it seems it’s not hydrated enough. From the infos i collected , one person was very satisfied with the effect on the dry lips but the other decided to use different kind of care for her lips.

Labello is quite a popular brand which with the quality has a justified position among the best products for your lip care but i rated this one as 3.8, i expected much more from this but it turned out to be just a average product with problems of opening…also when you get to the end of the can, getting out the product starts to be very frustrating.

I would like  to hear your opinions on those products and i hope my first review wasn’t that bad 😉 sweet



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