Review of Batiste Dry Shampoos



Hello cheer. Today i will more attention direct to Batiste Dry Shampoos which are quite popular worldwide and they are becoming one of the most wanted products for hair care and styling  and they are quite useful when because of the work , life tempo or for some other reason you don’t have enough time to wash your hair and want to have fresh and clean hairstyle.

Truthfully, that kind of a shampoo is a little bit of a news for me since i prefer to wash my hair with normal shampoos or i use cream oil shower, currently i have Fa cream oil shower with a cocoa butter and i have to say i really like the effect that has on my hair, it’s nice and smooth, you can easier  comb it and smells really good which doesn’t just disappears after an hour.

Personally i’m quite sceptical person considering any magical formula washing your hair without water, you can use it as temporal replacement if you have no free time but you still can’t compare it to a normal way of washing your hair which you will have to do sooner of later anyway and i’m not sure is it worth treating your hair with so many bad ingredients. trk

MADE BY: Batiste – Church&Dwight Co.,Inc. (Australia) – made in UK

USAGE AND CHARACTERISTICS: They are very famous British brand and on the market they are coming in the spray cans. Batiste Dry Shampoo is the quick and convenient way to get soft, clean and fresh smelling hair, without water. Batiste offers an instant fix by revitalizing greasy, dull and lifeless hair. It thickens thin fly-away hair and adds texture and body for that easy style solution.

HOW TO USE IT: Shake can vigorously, spray evenly over hair, massage into scalp with fingertips, let sit a few moments and brush out preferably using a natural bristle brush. Hold it too close and the white streaks are very difficult to rub out. You may also want to spray roots beneath of your hair for more volume and avoid spraying on just one spot or you might end up with sticky powder on your hair.
INGREDIENTS: Butane, Isobutane, Oryza Sativa (Rice) Starch, Propane, Alcohol Denat, Parfume, Limonene, Linanool, Geranol, Benzyl Benzoate, Distearyldimonium, Cetrimonium Chloride

Personally i’m not that excited about the ingredients because it contains a lot of flammable stuff so the spray can itself has way too many warnings – keep it away from any flame source, electric device, any heat source, flammable material, cigarettes, keep it away out of children reach, do not apply to irritated skin or into eyes, don’t inhale it or misuse it,  spray can is under the pressure so don’t expose it to the temperature higher then 50 celsius degrees, keep it away from sun rays, do not open it by force, do not try to burn it, don’t make a holes in it..i have to say after reading all this warnings i kinda feel like i should hold it very carefully and if i drop it – the whole world is going to end  lol………..and after reading all that you really have to wonder how healthy for you and your hair is actually good choice of using it misli and do i really want to put all that on my hair.

lush i batiste 028

WHERE TO BUY :Batiste is a renowned brand in the hair industry; their cheap and effective dry shampoos have grown to become very popular within a small time frame, and may now be found in most stores around the high street (Boots, Superdrug, Tesco’s) and on online stores as well.

All round hair saviour and festival favourite, their dry shampoo instantly refreshes hair in between washes. The feather light spray absorbs oil at the root and brushes out to leave fresh scented hair. Continuously evolving, the range now comprises of colored and shimmer sprays in a selection of subtle scents.

The product is available in few variants (regular size 200ml)

PRICE: £2 to £5, around 8 – 10 dollars, depending on the product

batiste 2

1. Original– Clean and Classic  – Are you a one off? Then get to grips with Batiste Original. Adored by innovators and originators, it’s the classic dry shampoo that instantly makes your hair feel clean, fresh and full of body and texture.
2. Tropical– Coconut and Exotic-Caribbean heat, coconut aromas and party vibes are locked into this Tropical edition. It’s the instant, deliciously exotic way to get clean, fresh hair full of body and texture. And there’s no need for water!
3. Blush– Floral and Flirty -The essence of femininity, Blush is the floral, flirty way to turn heads. A few quick sprays instantly leaves hair feeling clean, fresh and full of body and texture.
4. Diva– Spicy and Sensual – couldn’t see it on official page so  not sure if it’s still on sale
5. Fresh– Cool and Crisp -Contemporary, tantalisingly, cool & crisp notes make this unisex dry shampoo as liberating for blokes as it is for babes. It’s the ideal way to instantly clean and freshen up your hair between washes, whilst making hair feel thicker too! Just remember to share nicely.
6. Boho– Sweet and Spirited -couldn’t see it on official page so  not sure if it’s still on sale

7. Lace-is for ladies that love the vintage look. Oozing pure elegance and style, and with an oh-so-sophisticated scent, a few quick sprays instantly leaves locks feeling clean, fresh and as lush as lace itself.

8. Wild – is for daring girls who are in touch with their animal instinct. A feisty Oriental fragrance with loads of personality, it’s the perfect partner when you’re out on the prowl.

9. Cherry – new member – Cherry is for anyone that loves their look sweet, smooth and full of luscious retro flavour. Our fun new fragrance delivers a rich cherry scent as it livens up your locks, and looks just as great on your dressing table as in your vintage handbag.

Premium Range– these fabulous dry shampoos revitalise lifeless locks between washes with a hint of a color to blend in with your hair tone. Light is great for blondes, Medium is perfect for rick brunettes and fiery auburns and Dark is good darker haired beauties.
10. Medium– Hint of Colour (Medium and Brunette)
11. Dark– Hint of Colour (Dark and Deep Brown)
12. XXL Volume– Big and Bouncy

Batiste is also available in mini’s (50ml)

  1. Original
  2. Tropical
  3. Blush

For more info about this products please visit official page  —>



So, my official review will be Batiste dry shampoo for dark and deep brown hair color. It should revitalise greasy and lifeless locks between washing, it gives off the clean look and more volumen, it refreshes it with beautiful scent and it has just a little bit of color which blends in with your hair tone.

Like i have already mentioned, i wouldn’t call myself a huge fan of dry shampoos, sure it can save you if you have no time to wash your hair and you have something important to do or go to a meeting, event, someone is coming to visit, ect. – but you could again debate about that as well, because the time you spent playing with the spray can, waiting for it take effect and then comb your hair – someone with a shorter hair could have already wash it with the water. It’s basically a last second saviour.

Spray can has 200 ml and that’s pretty much acceptable, but i have to mention that is a little bit expensive compared to the other non-color Batiste shampoos, which isn’t exactly a good point. The design for itself is kinda boring and monotone because with the new product they just change the color of the spray can, closing lid and spray nozzle is quite the usual and plastic, let’s hope it won’t break too easily. For someone who has a shorter hair it will probably last a little bit longer then for someone with the longer hair.

The spraying itself it could get complicated especially if you haven’t used those kind of dry shampoos before , or maybe depends on your luck and the spray can as well. Sometimes you can notice that it leaves some powder spots on your hair and trying to get rid of them will costs you more time then it usually would.

This shampoo has a nice smell when you spray it but with the time you notice it much less, it has a fragrance of perfum inside it so you can still smell it, just not so much like when you sprayed it, which is probably a good thing anyway. I have to say i totally adore products that have really good smell, but personally this shampoo has a little bit of too much of that……it’s kinda too noticible? Too heavy?  It reminds you on those very expensive heavy parfumes which just keep draining your energy away.

Also i have to mention, last couple of years i managed to get really bad headaches which sometimes turn into a migraines so with my own playing detective what it triggers them , in most of the cases they get triggered by inhaling some smoke ( yes…cigarettes included, that’s why no one in my family likes them ) smoke from burning a coal or wood, gas or some perfumes – yep, can you believe it – there are some perfumes that will give me a headache, every single time…..I know, i’m the miracle of the nature itself  shrug

And that  leads me back to this spray can which holds too many harmful ingredients and i have subconscious warning in my head that this product should better be avoided by people who have a problem with the headaches. No matter how funny to someone that may sound, if you experience your head hurting for a 7 days in a row, you will quickly learn to avoid anything that may trigger them. trk

The dry shampoo for itself leaves a brown color when sprayed on the skin or a paper and later after drying it turns out into a brown powder which then quite good dries the grease on your hair and gives a refreshing look to your hair,more volume and better smell which honestly you can notice much more then usual shampoos. Now, it depends for each person how they will be satisfied with the results, some they will see a powder trail on your hair when the others won’t even notice it.

I think blondes have less problems with this since their hair color is lighter, but on a darker hair will be much more visible. Considering the final results Batiste dry shampoos make a really good job if you need a last second saviour and the immediate effect how to turn your lifeless hair into a freshly washed, especially if you end up with no free time or you are going on some kind of a journey but have in mind you won’t get a magical solution – you will get only some half effect so you can make one easy hairstyle and try to hide how greasy is. dunno

I wouldn’t recommended it to use it all the time and i suggest that eventually you use some gentle product, even better if it’s homemade, that will nourish your hair and replenish it. After all, those dry shampoos have lots of ingredients which have the role of drying out grease from your hair so it’s recommended to give more care to your hair so it will be shiny, healthy and smooth. Currently i have no infos how this shampoo will react on the freshly colored hair but i would suggest to avoid for it while, since they can make your hair tone looking lighter so on freshly colored hair would probably make more damage then actually being useful.

Another thing i have to mention during the spraying those shampoos be careful how you spray it or your favorite t-shirt mind up having colored spots or powder on it.

Personally i’m not such big fan in the end because i can’t stop thinking how many bad ingredients it has and why would i put that on my already damaged hair which would make her even more dry, damaged and weaker. super-sayan-onion-head-emoticon

GRADE 2.7/5

It seems my judgment of the product was influenced by my personal opinion since  i’m not really a person for dry shampoos. It’s actually quite good for using if your hair after one day starts looking lifeless or greasy so you can buy yourself additional day or 2 without having to wash it, it gives a more volume and it’s smells ok.

I don’t really like too intensive smell of a shampoo, i prefer someone has a gentle and subtle smell so you can smell it only after you get closer to it, but this smell kinda feels too heavy and not appropriate for a hair product. Dry shampoos are very popular worldwide and there are many different opinions after using it.

Among all the manufacturers of dry shampoos, Batiste shampoos get the highest number of recommendations and the opinions and results vary depending on individual – some simply adore it while others aren’t satisfied with the powder trail on your hair or too intensive smell .  So if you think that you need something like this, try it , i for once, think that i don’t something that will damage my hair even more.



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9 Responses to Review of Batiste Dry Shampoos

  1. I like using Batise due to how it helps if I’m in a rush but i do get sore scalp sometimes.

  2. Lynell says:

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    I look forward too hearig frm you! Supesrb bllog bby thhe way!

  3. lor says:

    very negative, if you were reluctant on using it. I dont see why you even bothered

    • sanasorey says:

      and i don’t see a reason to give good review about product that isn’t good, i thought that telling people about what is a waste of time and what not is the point of actually wasting hours to write the post.

  4. Imam ovaj suhi šampon u smeđoj i cvijetnoj verziji. Meni su ok za kratak efekt.

    • sanasorey says:

      da, za kratak efekt il možda čudo koje trebaš u par sekundi….ja nekako preferiram klasične šampone, pogotovo ako nađem nekog koji mi dobro odgovara.
      iako sam zadnje vrijeme oduševljena nivea maskom za kosu, inače malo čudno, al ok..držat će me neko vrijeme 😛
      kud pa si ti zalutala na moj blog? lol

      • Vidjela sam tvoj komentar na Nuxe stranici, pa sam odlučila potražit tvoj blog jer inače s kolegicama pratim domaće blogove na FB stranici Croatian beauty blogs. Naravno da dajem prednost pranju kose, ali ovo je zgodno za neku priliku kad baš ne stigneš, pa da malo popraviš stanje 🙂

      • sanasorey says:

        thanks for visiting 😉 ma inače pratim tvoj blog već neko vrijeme pa mi je bilo funny od kud ti na mom blogu, ali lijepo iznenađenje 😉 hahaha nuxe…….da…ja samu sebe tjeram da bi bilo bolje neke stvari pregristi….a na Croatian beauty blogs na fejsu sam stavila recenziju Loreal revitalift kreme al mislim da mi nisu objavili :/ sam odustala…tko dođe i vidi, dobro…za 2 tjedna koliko je moj blog živ, za sad je i više nego ok..očekivala sam 5 subscribera i to one koje natjeram 😛

      • Malo smo zatrpane postovima, a trenutno nam samo jedna cura reposta blogove. Ma treba samo tipkati. Sjećam se kako sam ja počela u ljeto 2010. s par postova. Em što tad nije bilo ni blogova, nego par, em su ljudi slabo pratili i čitali blogove. I evo nas 3 godine poslije 🙂 Trudile smo se 😀 Imamo i Beauty blog day i stranicu, i malo nas više prepoznaju i kompanije. Trebaš samo nastavit tipkat, ako to voliš, i s vremenom će doći i sve ostalo. 😉 Good luck!

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