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Hi…so today i thought it would be interesting to write a little bit different post, so i can rest  from writing of reviews and not to neglect my other part of the blog. As i have already mentioned, part of my hobby is kinda helping /talking to depressed people, abused teenagers or just the usual *omg, nobody likes me, the world hates me* kind of people halloween ( yes, i know…how ironically that sounds, especially to those who actually know me 😛 ..but i assure you, i do have good intentions………..most of the time…and i have a great deal of epic fails in my life, just ask  ) As my usual process includes trying to show those people that they  should find something in their life, some hobby, a pet or simply something that will  help them pass the time or make them laugh, maybe inspire  to do something on their own…i thought i should write this time about 2 little birds i discovered earlier….so who are they?

Danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil

Daniel “Dan” Howell (born 1991, Berkshire, England) is a professional vlogger and BBC Radio 1 presenter. He runs a YouTube channel, danisnotonfire. Howell, with his fellow YouTuber and friend Phil Lester (AmazingPhil), began presenting a Sunday show on BBC Radio 1 in January 2013. Howell reached 1,000,000 subscribers on 4 February 2013.

Howell was voted “Hottest Lad of the Year” by readers of the web magazine Sugarscape –> i do not know how that info is important..but …….uhhhlet’s continue.

The BBC announced that in 2013, Howell and Lester would present the Sunday night request show for BBC Radio 1. Howell and Lester had worked with the station occasionally before, making videos for the station’s YouTube channel [6] and two Christmas broadcasts but were given their own permanent show for 2013.[7] The show is an all new interactive, audio-visual segment involving music videos made by viewers, challenges performed on air by the presenters and song requests from listeners.

I skipped most of the facts, if you are that much interested go to wiki, killer onion.

Phil Lester is an English YouTube vlogger and radio personality from Rossendale, Lancashire. He presents a Sunday night request show for BBC Radio 1 with Dan Howell.

Lester lives with his best friend Daniel Howell in London. Lester’s videos regularly feature a cuddle lion toy called Lion, usually in the background, which speak to the audience through annotations. Lester’s fanbase refer to themselves as Philions. Lester has appeared on television programs including being on The Weakest Link.[1] He played the role of Tim in the film Faintheart.[2] Lester was interviewed with other internet entertainers on Channel 4 News in October 2012 about the increased popularity of YouTube and video blogging as a profession.[3]

Phew…personally i was never much of a follower of someone’s private life…i could probably tell you everything they have said in their videos, but i have absolutely no clue on their personal info ( i have just seen Phil is actually older 1 year then i am…….shame on me…clueless) I have no clue how my friend managed to find those 2, but it all started one cold and snowy night…………….cold…lol, ok, anyway she found this video and passed it to me, she said she found someone funny and he pretty much covered most of our life exp…so i know what would be your thoughts now, if you managed to read this far…why would i go watch some weird guy ( british too lol) just talking to a camera? Well, you get bored…honestly i was surprised too…i have seen his video, first time being introduced to Dan and he has a certain charm and charisma to pull you into his vlog…then you have to go watch  another one, and another one and by the time you stop watching , you  have lost at least 4 hours of your time..yayyyy yay smil42c642dbb72ef.

First video i have watched – How i got fired (for some reason it refuses to show the video on my blog……yep..another irony of my life)

And this one is from the radio show.

The wost part about those videos is that  you can’t stop watching after just one and then you realize he has way too many videos……then after some time you meet his friend, AmazingPhil, and wonder if he has his own channel…of course he does 😛 …. how you get yourself deeper into their own world, you discover Dan’s second channel – danisnotinteresting….and of course Phil has one too…….just when you think you are free, finally finnaly, there is Superamazing project, BBC radio show, many other videos, tons of social websites..and after all that you end up hearing about live web cam broadcast……….until you end up being too exhausted and realize you have no life smugi can bet their secret plan is to brainwash the world. I will not even to try make a list of everything they have, just follow the Youtube, and their own channels, subscribe and then you can eventually find out about all the secret projects following the trails of bread they are leaving for you, good luck with that hypno  go subscribe here —>

and here —>

So how they are actually important to my post? They are quite funny, interesting, full of life exp and failures :P, they know how to get your attention and just make you feel better in general, that’s why i would recommend them to anyone how has a bad day or lacks a little ( ok, be prepared for a lot of laugh) in their life, they are really good at acting as some certain characters until you burst into tears from laughing. Once i was watching one of countless videos and there was a scene of Dan, tied up with a Christmas decorations and put on the table, plus the apple in his mouth added an extra kick, and my dad just waltzed into a room…now……….that was interesting, i was laughing like crazy and there was some guy on a table with the tinsels and apple in his mouth shock

I must say they are wicked competition to me in certain things, for example i have never met anyone in my life who can eat more chocolate then i do…damn you Dan…stop eating so much chocolate…….bannedi have already reserved that *weirdo* spot….also he is so lazy that even i, who would leave the sloth in a terror, actually must praise him Hail i recently made a post about this issue 😛 —>

The third thing we have in common is being lazy in working out in a gym, but this time i actually did more progress then he is, since i do have my phases so the longest period of time i spent working out is about 2 months…and nothing will stop remember coming so tired from the work and then just trying to make my usual daily routine in my room, even if it was passed midnight already…lolbut eventually the day arrives when you are completely not feeling like doing it begins…..i’m so lazy….i promise, i will do it tomorrow..what’s the difference, right? it’s just a few hours i skip…then it comes the hour of judgment…yeah, i’m not feeling really good…i will do it tomorrow, i’ll make it double hahathird day…..well what’s wrong if i take one more day off? i mean, i survived whole 2 months, that has to mean something right? it’s not like my body will just melt off……..until eventually you realize you will never get back to working out that soon………until you get into next *i want to kick someone’s ass* mode …….in which usually you just have to go through all the torture and pain again..yep…..i’m a genius…misli however i must say this has  nothing to do with the usual girly ideas about getting fit and so skinny you have to search for them with a magnifying- glass……i just get into a mode i want to be strong ( or most likely just get out negative energy…..) which reminds me, once my friend told me that my personality is like a pandora’s box….when it reaches certain level, my true personality will begin to leak out the box and then ……..god help you all kyoko4…….of course good way to prevent this from happening is to feed me with something very sweet..sugar keeps me lazy and sleepy, therefore, run people 😛 ( i prefer Bajadera from Kraš, Griotte or Rafaello, or Milka, Lindt, if you haven’t ever tried those …….ghostwow… are not from this planet 😛 )

This is the video which is one of my fav, i watched it so many times and always ended up laughing until i can’t breath……it’s epic….i won’t spoil it…go watch it…now!!!!!!!!

There is huge amount of things we don’t have in common and pretty much i was living peaceful life before starting to watch this vlogs……..first i have to say, i have never seen anyone in my life, yep again, someone who is just so……..into this stuffed Phil is…girls here sure not….guys? would probably kill you just for putting them in a same sentence with a stuffed animal………….but , on the other hand, we don’t have anyone cool either, so ….the only guys who are here are either too drunk, assholes, if they are worth even little bit – taken already, or as it is popular lately…simply gay………yes, that’s quite depressing to see ……guys, get a grip…….seriously…’s great for you to be happy and all, freedom of speech, choice, animqrs i, for one, do now want to listen about your *love conquest*, just because something weird wired in your brain, you are now leaving us with  such a lousy choice of guys –  we may rather soon just have to extinct.

Second –   i didn’t even know Pokemon are still airing shrug Man, i’m 24 years old and i was watching it when it started so they are still *alive* ? Pika( do not ask..i have mentioned earlier there is a folder with emoticons for every occasion ) DratiniSnorlaxRapidashMostly because of them i started to follow Anime and Manga, but i abandoned Pokemon..shame on me…yes, i know..the last i thing i remember is Ash trying to teach his lizard type how to shoot seeds and that was quite early in the seasons, they went to some new region ..and he ditched Charizard in some wasteland ..bastard.) so i rather switched to better anime and my idols are Sunako Nakahara from Perfect girl evolution and Kyoko from Skip beat….seriously, if you have no clue who they are, and you are calling yourself an anime fan…………….you are not from this planet Kyouhei_granadekyoko3 also i watched so many of them when someone asks which ones i have no freaking clue…mostly from Naruto, Inuyasha, some historical dramas where just everyone dies in the end so you end with box of tissues next to you, Enma Ai, Vampire knight or pretty much anything with vampires ( except, anyway i will try to make entire different post with my fav animes and mangas..i’m getting way off the topic. inuyasha_pictures_01 itachisnaruto_gifssasuke3sunako gifthikuto-gif-1Yoruweirdo1

Phil has quite an obsession with Buffy, i did watched all of episodes, yay for me, and Angel, and then read comics that followed the story after the tv shows. I admit, every time someone says Twilight – this is the solution i have on my mind.. buffy…or the Winchesters brothers, from Supernatural 😛

I must say i had quite peaceful life, before i started to watch those videos, i did not know how Justin Bieber looks like….yep.i know…..i blocked any info about some brat that is popular…and no one knows even why….i did not hear about One direction, or that they have a fan base with a special name, i was never much into boy bands, i’m pretty much allergic to Twilight, i must say…i watched so many crappy movies about vampires, i have myself over 150 movies in my collection just with vampires, and there is lots of crappy acting, low budget movies and plot that actually makes no sense , if it even exists…but Twilight? wow…it’s a …piece of art…..i actually blame the actors, maybe if there are other actors, movie would be better…….ok, i think i overdosed on sugar now..also i never listened damn Britney, i had no clue who Delia Smith is ( yes, just try to judge me ghost rider2., i have absolutely no clue about Disney characters ( after few times i blurted out that Tweety ??? is a chicken…….and got a lot of …o……..m………g………………..looks, i started to avoid that theme…lol…what? i grew up watching Beetlejuice and reading books shrug) oh yeah…i have watched Pokemon, Sailor moon, Digimon, Dragon Ball, ect……..see, i was on a better level.

So, yeah, thank you very much guys for traumatizing me with those stuff, i’m sure my life was such a wasteland without all that knowledge help me actually, i’m too old for that now lol..and if someone would make a pop quiz on me – what would be the first thing that  gets on my mind…i’m sure my answers would be something like – llamas, lions, creepy dolls, delia smith, draw Phil naked ( do ..not..ask), laser cats, chocolates…….i feel brainwashed.


Actually, i have no idea on what this post now looks like, i had a different idea when i started to write it but got sidetracked so badly from the main topic…anyway, Dan and Phil are great 2 little critters which definitely won’t never let you down to make you laugh, i admire their path they have taken and the success they achieved over the years so go watch their videos, subscribe on their channels and be prepared to lose lots of time there 😛 They are very funny, sometimes you can even learn something, make yourself feel better at some of their life exp ( until you realize you already passed all that ..which kinda makes you dinosaur) or just make your day better, give you some inspiration, and certainly after laughing so much there is no depression vk 3 One thing i have noticed is when you watch their videos into a past,  now that is one…….weird..journey..until you end on on their very first vlog……they had a different personalities…Dan was quite shy person who tried to be funny so he can hide how nervous he was…and Phil was more…more daring, cared less what people think, now he turned into such a sweetie with tons of lions and stuffed animals, weird fish pets  and too many games to play while Dan is now more daring and kinda evil ( on the cute side :P) , and he just doesn’t stop talking, especially in the radio show where poor Phil barely gets anything to say horror_10

So, go check them out and give them a solid chance, or i will haunt you in your dreams killer onion ( yay…i’m so proud at 2 my collages i made with their pictures..:P ) and my next post should be…hm…….maybe some review of a product? perhaps a joined effort with some first blog guest? or just random manga/anime post? who knows…………..stay tuned 😛

dan and phil 2   500fa_tumblr_mda9f7eFN81rqdlf6o5_250 laser catvarie5



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