Review of the Garnier Intensive Care Repair for extra dry skin products

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Hi smiley-wise. I got a little bit off a track with blogging , i hope you can forgive me :P I had a great idea about writing a post for  St. Patrick day, i even made a very cute themed picture – and then totally dropped the project thanks to good old migrainegaahBut , the picture is very cute so it doesn’t matter that everything festive already has passed.  :P

Perhaps it will help in chasing away that snow i really can’t stand anymore. I really have to say when i think *yayks…i should have already written a new post , man, i’m so freaking lazy*  and when i actually get my lazy ass to start working on the post – that’s 2 completely different worlds. .. somehow i switch myself to * serious business look * and i don’t stop until the huge novel like blog post is complete  leap.For a long time already i wanted to say little bit more about  Garnier line of creams, somehow i always return to them like a faithful puppy whenever i get to a conclusion that my skin lacks something and everything else i have at home just isn’t *it*.

MADE BY: L’oreal

Garnier  is a mass market cosmetics brand of L’Oréal that produces hair care and skin care products. The company started as Laboratoires Garnier in 1904, and was acquired by L’Oréal in the 1970s.

All Garnier products are the result of rigorous research and development and benefit from the expertise of 3,000 multi-disciplinary scientists & research staff. Their discoveries are frequently published in leading scientific journals and have resulted in some 529 patents in 2005.

USAGE AND CHARACTERISTICSDry, rough and tight-feeling skin that is sensitive to external aggressors such as climate change? Garnier’s Bodyrepair range is designed to help your skin by providing a long lasting feeling of comfort. The dermatologically tested formula is easily and quickly absorbed, leaving skin feeling replenished with moisture.

The moisture reinforcing formula intensely nourishes the skin with moisture and soothes skin feel. Rough areas feel softer and the skin is better protected against external aggressions. The formula is enriched with maple sap.

HOW TO USE IT: The soft and comfortable texture is easy to apply, absorbs immediately and is non-greasy.

INGREDIENTS:    Maple sap, Shea butter and glycerine, Micro-oils contain Avacodo, Apricot, Black Currant and Olive

Maple syrup – the highest production comes from the Canada;  contains antioxidants, this could also mean it has the ability to help in the fight against aging, and even cancer. Among its nutrients are zinc, iron, thiamine, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and riboflavin.  For those counting calories and/or concerned about carbohydrate content, they’ll be glad to know that maple sap actually has a lower sugar content. Its sweet characteristics come from the fact that it is boiled down to syrup consistency, however, still is lower in sugar than honey overall.

WHERE TO BUY: any supermarket store, online websites

PRICE: Garnier Intensive Care Cream – 200 ml – about  3 euro ; 50 ml about 1.5 euro

Garnier body lotion milk – 250 ml -about 3 £( 400 ml costs about £6.15)

Hand cream – 100 ml   – about £3.68  –  £4.69;  i’m very surprised how little known info is about this products on the internet shrug

This year Garnier offered a new line of body milk – Garnier Body Intensive 7 Days  for long lasting hydration even up to 7 days, pleasant smell and texture. I hope i can get my hands on those products soon  ;)

For more info please visit the official page —>




With those products i was acquainted with the recommendation  of my friend and since then i’m their loyal buyer for years now.  loveeeeee I have to say that no matter what products currently from the cosmetics word end up on my table, somehow i always go back to this specific line of products just like with the classic Nivea cream. It’s quite simple, when you are happy with the something you will always go back to using it no matter what new brand things today market keeps giving us. This Intensive care repair for extra dry skin line comes in a red package of 250 ml and it’s meant for mostly dry, damaged and very sensitive skin. Ok, my skin wasn’t THAT bad but i think that maple sap extract ingredient helped a lot in a decision for starting to use it.

At that time i was fighting a war with the very sensitive skin after a depilation,  miserable, irritated skin, those damn little red dots appearing all over your skin, it’s a pure horror for a women  :P So after using this body milk this situation was quickly resolved, if the irritation appeared i just used this body milk and they were soon gone, thanks to the gentle ingredients it has, plus my skin got much more softer and silkier, and it smelled really good too 🙂 Perhaps some aren’t that fond of that smell but for me it’s very appealing and i don’t mind if my skin smells like some pleasant ingredient, but truthfully, i still haven’t actually figured out on what exactly that smell reminds me off – some mix of maple syrup and a flower perhaps?  smil4093e95ebc67a


garnier-handrepair-cream      This product, of course, it’s perfect for a dry and damaged hands, especially if you have some smaller wounds, burns or blisters. Package contains 100 ml of product but since you don’t need it much it will last quite a lot, except if you don’t leave it out of your hands  :P It’s small and you can easily carry it with you everywhere, the packaging is a traditionally red with a green leaf and in white letters contrast, quite cute if you ask me .

 Texture slightly reminds you as a rubber-like but it’s still much better then actually being too aquatic and then you can’t dry it or it ends up being leaked all over the closing lid, personally i don’t like greasy creams especially if you have to keep working or you get in a contact with water and then you feel like a fish in a oil .

Applying is very easy and it sinks really fast, it’s not in a seconds but in about 7 min you won’t feel it anymore. Because of the whole cream texture you can feel light silky feeling on your fingers, skin is much more gentler and soft, more hydrated but some maybe will be bothered by the smell, don’t worry, it disappears soon, i didn’t really mind.   :P

After few times of using it you can actually see the progress and effect it has on your skin, especially on damaged and rough one or some wound, usually i’m not that prone to accidents but i do have my own share of *pearls of wisdom* when i cut myself on something you wouldn’t even believe it’s possible, or get burned or prick myself on something and i really have to say that this cream with the ingredients it has helps in a healing process, it cools down that painful burning of pulsing heat feeling and skin repairs itself much faster.



And the last is the universal cream – one of my all time favorites. This cream comes in a very sweet little 50 ml package and it’s quite cheap to buy, it’s perfect to slip it in you purse if you think you may need it or you simply don’t want to be apart from itloveeeeeeOf course, there is a bigger 200 ml package as well.

 This product is great for dry areas around your eyes, especially below eyes, it fixed my skin condition in about 5 days, i really somehow managed to get my skin so dry that it was almost rough.  smil42c642dbb72ef,after few days of applying, my skin showed some improvement, became soft and young again. 😛

Texture of the cream is very light and it dries up very fast so you can use it as a make up foundation but i rather use it alone and usually forget on other make up, but that’s mostly because i’m lazy, somehow i really like the smell of the cream and that silky feeling on your skin.  Except if you encounter a person with whom you had to meet and he starts to sniffing you ( and that continues during a meeting) because it really smells really good :P and if you get a *compliment* that you smell so good you might as well get eaten – run! njamilol

I have to admit that, despite my great laziness, this is one of the products i use quite often, you can feel the difference very soon, skin becomes much more hydrated and nourished so there is no that awful feeling like you are prisoner in your own skin and it feels very tight, it has very nice, silky and light texture and combined with the smell somehow it has a very comfortable and relaxing effect on me.

I use it whenever i feel like it so i don’t care much if it is day cream or night one, and as a very lazy creature, i’m very satisfied with that universal use – so when i apply it on my face, around eyes i smear it on my hands, elbow area or a knee, where you want it.

 Oh , i almost forgot, one of my quite often *pearls of wisdom* is to poke myself in a eye with some object – quite often with a mascara or eyeliner, sometimes with my finger while applying some product – really, don’t ask me how i manage to do that every single time – so  i can tell you from my own personal experience that the cream is very gentle for your eyes and it doesn’t sting – if you already manage to launch it into your eyes uhhh.

This cream is also good for guys , but i bet they will whine more about that sweet smell, but i have to say that those who actually used it, they were very satisfied , especially if they have to work in a environment that dries up your skin or simply after the shaving to prevent the skin irritation.


Personally i’m very satisfied with those products for skin care and i will make sure that they will be always somewhere lurking in my room, not just as a last second rescue for your skin but it’s also quite suitable for everyday care, you don’t really have to wait for your skin to send you s.o.s signals.

The price is quite affordable, i don’t have much objections on the whole package – and if you think that ml is kinda low, you really don’t need a big amount of product so it will last long enough. Maybe just tiny little bit i don’t like the wrapping protection foil on the cream but that’s how it is with most of the brands anyway, i’m really not the biggest fan of those foils because i have no freaking clue what to do with them in the end, if i remove it – it’s not good, if i leave it then i have to move it every single time i want to use the product so end up being all greasy from the cream, if i leave it open on half i’m still annoyed by it since in my imagination there is a hundred of tiny little pieces of dust marching straight for my cream lol.

It’s one of the best skin care product line i have because it’s dries up really quickly and it’s good for use to those people who are constantly in the hurry ( or just simply oversleep every single time and then they are express fast in getting out the house  :P ) Because it’s one of the L’oreal-s brands, Garnier products will never let you down, many have been delighted by those Intensive care repair for extra dry skin products and i haven’t been able to find any bad experience with them either. I recommend it to you, if not as a daily , then as a secret helper in an emergency skin problems or if you think that your skin needs more nourishing care, trust me, it will be very grateful to you   ;).



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