Our first blog guest – cooperation with Nives jewellery ;)


 oh myI’m very happy and with a great excitement i present you our first blog guest – Nives jewellery   yayyyyy cheer. As i have already mentioned , for now blog splits on 3 parts – bigger themes, and one is exactly a sort of cooperation with talented people, doesn’t matter if they are known worldwide or just started, so you can expect more of those kind of posts in the future, when someone will be interested in our cooperation.  yay. The whole point of this project is to present you many talents, hobbies and jobs….and without further delay, it’s a great honor to present you our first guest, very pleasant, young and cool girl.


1. First, tell us something about yourself : 

“My name is Nives Čolić. I’m  20 , soon i will be  21. in the summer, i was born in 1992. I come from little place called  Đurđenovac, near Našice,Croatia,  i finished high school – as shop assistant, but i don’t have a job. I’m looking for one but with not much of a success. ”

2. (yay, now i feel like a real reporter :P ) How did you start with handmade stuff hobby? Who taught you that and do you remember your first proud object you made yourself ? smiley-wise

“I started 3 years ago, when one afternoon my neighbor asked if i would like to try it and i , of course, have said yes. First object i had made myself was a crochet tablecloth with the butterfly motive on it, i was very proud and soon i started to work on the other one as well. Until i got bored and so i made a crochet handmade black bag. When some people have seen what i can do, they started to send me orders and soon i started to make a jewellery as well. Little by little, i decided to make official Facebook page of my handmade jewellery as i had been suggested that by my own family members.

(The jewellery is really beautiful, isn’t it, my dear readers? Lets take a moment of drooling all over those pictures cute)

nives nakit 1

3. What materials have you been using to make this objects? 

“I use cotton fibre and wool – depends on what i need to make, of course i recycle as well. I like the best when buyers come to me and order something what they want because the most important thing for me is that they are satisfied and happy.  ;)

4. What we can find in your collection cool

“In my collection you find lots of handmade caps, scarfs, mittens, hair straps, necklaces, earrings, rings, bags, hair clips, handmade stuff for kids, cellphone bags and other things because i like to work what you would like to have.  .”

(smile onionomg…i would not be able to do something like that even if my life depends on it  lolI remember that my grandma tried to teach me how to make those but my patience was ..just legendary… i was like a fairytale character, who would knew you can prick yourself even of on needles for a wool lolMy heroic adventure ended up with me giving that wool to a cat – let’s just say he could easily be a mascot for  Limp Bizkit song – Rollin’  – i put a video on the Facebook, couldn’t resist  :P )

nives nakit 2

(can you believe it that this cap costs only 45 kn – about 6 euro , and the scarf only 40 kn – about 5 euro ? )

5. Since your work requires a lot of time, concentration and patience, which are the prices of your handmade items? 

“Since it’s the most important to me that my buyers are satisfied, of course i set the prices according to that. I want to be affordable to everyone even if i know that this hobby is really appreciated and expensive. I set the lower prices so young people , just like me, which don’t have big budget can afford something pretty for them. ”

For example. handmade wool hair straps for ears only 30 kn – about 4 euro, handmade scarf only 40 kn – about 5 euro, mittens – 30 kn – about 4 euro, handmade cap with the color as you wish it – 45 kn – about 6 euro , cellphone bag – 20 kn – about 3 euro, rings – 25 kn – about 4 euro, handmade earrings – 20 to 30 kn – which is about 3 to 4 euro,  shockyou have to admit that for those unique handmade items that’s really low price.

here you can see  whole collection of Nives  handmade objects  —> https://www.facebook.com/NivesRucniRadovi/photos_albums

or here with more of the pictures of her work  —> http://nivescolicradovi.blogspot.com/p/heklani-nakit.html

You can contact her on  Facebook if you have any questions or orders , or on her email


Personally i must add that i simply suffer on those kind of mittens without fingers, during my days in high school they were like my own signature or a trend and i simply wasn’t leaving them  behind. Later, things got changed a little bit if you managed to get a job, but those mittens are still one of my favorite objects on which i really fall for – i will wear them during almost all seasons, or in a bar, doesn’t matter if i just ordered a drink or a cappuccino, they don’t bother me. :P In school i never took them off, even during the class, they are simply too cool to resist the temptation.  loveeeeee

rukavice 3

So you can imagine my great sadness when i realized that my favorite pair of mittens are slowly going into history because with years of wearing them, no matter how much  careful i was , they still became worn off.  miserable  And so one day i got myself on this page of Nives jewellery and totally fall for those mittens and i just needed to have them.  smil42c642dbb72efI was delighted by her handmade work, really pleasantly surprised how Nives is warm, bright and pleasant person with whom you can absolutely get in a agreement about everything and i was even more shocked with very low prices, let’s be honest, handmade items cost a lot more then that.

rukavice moje

loveeeeeemy collection  ;)

7. Do you have any favorite item you like to make the most? 

“  Well…i like to make jewellery the most – earrings and rings, it requires a lot of work but in the end it’s shiny so i’m satisfied.”

nives nakit 3

8. Do you have any plans for the future about Nives jewellery? 

“I hope i will continue to work on this hobby, but in small measures so i can completely be dedicated to my buyers and to make their orders with the best quality i can. ”

9. How did people react seeing that you started to make handmade stuff? 

“The biggest support were my family and friends for which ones i have been in the beginning doing the most of the orders and i am very grateful for that and they had really positive reaction at my new hobby. ”

nives nakit 4

10. How much time do you need for making a certain object? 

“Well…for smaller things i need half of hour, little bit more for mittens and caps about 3 hours and more, and for bigger things like bags i need few days or even a week.  “

lolI think i wouldn’t do absolutely nothing for a half of hour, maybe i would just end up tangled in the wool just like a cat.  :P

“Hehe, i got practice, with time it goes faster .;)

Nives, thank you very much from the bottom of the heart for agreeing to be our first blog guest and for sharing your beautiful pictures of your work. I wish you a lot of success and lots of sales and i hope you will continue to amaze us with the new handmade work.hi

“I’m very happy and honored and of course very proud to be first blog guest here and that you decided to make a interview with me. I hope the viewers will like my work .;)

ogrlica 4


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