The rules of my blog/theme presentations and the future ;)


Hello…….Since i was inspired with this late spring and warm weather, but i still spend half of my time avoiding every single sun ray because it literally drains my energy away, lol ( or causes a migraine)  083_v2 i wanted to write a little post about some official stuff on my blog ( but lets be honest, probably it will turn  into a huge novel-like post in the end).

For now my blog is online for a month and a half and since i got a hang of it in which direction my blog should be going…and i have more then my prognosis with  5 subscribers,  lolit would be good to write some “official statement” about the blog…….or that’s just because i’m too lazy to explain it every single time over and over again so it’s just easier to copy this link. smil42c642dbb72ef

THE RULES OF MY BLOG  Pink_Panther_5

There is no many of them since my blog is more *open mind* type  so you can freely say your opinions, even if they are negative or is it some theme that no one wants to talk about.  BUT: Keep the respect towards other people – there will be no discrimination here or any kind of insulting. Also i would really prefer if my photos, which i marked as my own, stay like that, you can share them but no cropping them or taking down my signature, this should be little more actual in the future perhaps. sigh


This is my blog and posts i publish are my own and honest work without some influence or obeying 1000 of rules, if i had intention of doing that, i would be writing for someone else.   shrug  Second person here is my moderator which, i hope so, we will soon drag out the shadows, when she will have less of her own work to do. I don’t need a moderator because i think ” eh, i’m so lazy and i don’t feel like doing something or i’m so popular now that someone else is doing work for me”. ………….it’s much more easier for me – if i have too much to do, i don’t feel so good or as it looks now, my internet is hanging by the spider web thread since i have no job……… it’s good that someone else can jump in and keep the blog going, publish posts, answering on the questions, give you the rewards, ect. I think she has her own ideas she would like to present to the blog so hopefully you will soon read  posts from her as well. starac

And the third person is our moral support which is just with us in our thoughts but not much active, sometimes just gives us advice, ideas or a suggestion for the giveaway, infos or she will be part of our jury. It’s good to have more people – you get more infos, more reviews and opinions – we aren’t all the same neither we use all the same stuff.  smil42c642dbb72ef


BLOG THEMES arhitekt

When i started with my idea of blogging that was just a tiny idea that eventually flowered into more of possible options and they still keep coming.

1. REVIEWS –  in the first plan, reviews of cosmetics, i prefer much longer post about reviews even if some people will probably pass out at looking at those novel – types  , smil42c642dbb72ef but i personally don’t like when i’m searching for some info about a certain product and then spend hours and hours and can’t find one decent review because some articles have 5 sentences in total – ” i got the product, it just got to the stores or still didn’t , i used it once and smells ok, i didn’t really like it or go buy it”. I really didn’t find out anything from that kind of a review. . smil4093e95ebc67a

I still have to say that if put some photos of my make-up – that’s just my review of it, my style or someone’s else around me,….i will not be giving any make up tutorials and i really don’t care much about rules how something should be worn.

I think i can write some reviews about interesting books , games perhaps ( now i  can imagine i got here attention of my moderator  cute), some object or anything worthy of making a review, even if that’s the usual chocolate . Currently i’m little bit sad that i have too old mobile phone so i can’t make good pictures or i would post lots and lots of them, i like taking pictures of animals, nature, some funny situations or something unique, my friends –  as long as i’m not there in it.  lolI think that i left lots of space here to write about anything i want to – maybe some good advice about migraines, how to cure something with the way of the nature and herbal products ……or simply what kind of tulips are somewhere flowering.   misli

You can follow me here, over the email, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest ( all links are on the right )…..i have others accounts as well but i think those are more then enough for now.


2. TALK/SUPPORT/ADVICE to anyone that needs it – especially abused teenagers or depressed people. This is the project that kinda evolved on his own, maybe because of the lots of crap i passed in my life and very few to none people who were there for me when i needed someone.  Somehow over the time it turned out as a habit to talk to people who needed help or advice and then i decided to put it as a blog theme. Of course i wont make a public list and display it on Facebook, Twitter or somewhere else, but one part of the blog is dedicated to post how to fight with the depression, focus on something positive, my stories about life failures or funny situations , or simply something that just can make you feel better afterwards.  sigh

I wanted to finish some higher form of education with the psychology theme, but the college was too far away, too expensive and they were admitting really small number of people. In the end, if i could finish that you have almost none of chances to actually get a job here, and lets be honest…….people, especially in this country, won’t be paying you for listening their problems and young ones wont even speak to you. So i think the idea with the blog is much more better, i don’t know you and you don’t know me either, my blog is on both languages and available worldwide. It’s much more easier to talk to some stranger then to someone you actually know, if they even care.

Another thing that makes me very sad is when i see that kids or teenagers are still discriminated and abused because of their music style, clothes, choices or something else and no one does anything until they end up as another 3 minutes story on the news – and another young life was tragically lost and everybody are so puzzled how, that was such a peaceful person with no problems at all, bright future and positive thinking.  Maybe we can’t magically help your problems, but you can at least laugh here until you find something on which you will keep focusing yourself , a hobby, your future, music, a pet, ……You can contact me or just simply follow the blog from the shadows…..your choice. Homer_simpson


3. PRESENTING YOUR HOBBIES/ TALENTS/WORK –    This is one of my own projects which was kinda not planned but since i know lots of people who have their own hobbies, making jewellery, knitting, taking pictures, painting, even making tattoos , so i decided to host few guests with time so i can present you their work and hopefully help them a little bit.

Doesn’t matter if you are already well known or you just started, if you are interested in our cooperation , we can make a little article about your hobby, job or whatever you do, and this is how it can look like:

So, if you are interested in something like that, you can contact me, we can make a little interview , make some collages with your work, infos about prices, material you work with and to make some little giveaway for your ( old) and new fans. I can say from personal experience that sometimes i go see giveaways and then instead entering it i look through the work of that person and maybe even buy something for myself. You just have to spread the word  so people will know about you.  Doesn’t matter if you don’t live in my country, we can still sort something out.

I have to say that this is my project and it’s free, i don’t ask anything for it, i like to help people and i don’t see why i wouldn’t if i have some free time? But simply i’m that kind of  a person and in the most cases my good will just gets me in the more trouble.

I will say it once more that if our guest has a giveaway, everything connected to it will be handled by our guest – reward, the winners and sending the reward is all by that person, not us. I think that’s fair to everyone else.

If i make a collage of pictures with your work i won’t claim them as mine and you can take them and use them as you wish – also if you need – you can use our link to the blog where our cooperation was – i don’t mind.rock


GIVEAWAYS  genie-01

This is still limited to my own country for now, who knows, maybe in the future it won’t be 🙂

Perhaps at the moment we can’t give you expensive cream or a parfeme but if we give something it’s from the heart and its from us. So respect the rules which i write for  each giveaway because i can’t see from the blog who shared something if you don’t write your name down in the comment , but let’s be honest…..i try to make rules very easy. For now i passed over the mistakes because i felt really weird to simply say – “no, i don’t allow you to enter for some shower cream, nail polish or a cream which isn’t even expensive” but i hope in the future out rewards will be much more better and then i will look only on those rules and i will be not searching for you around.  smiley-wise Also i will try to announce the winners on time, if they aren’t because of some certain reason, we will explain why so be patient. I’m the person who always keeps her word and most of the time, to redeem myself if something wasn’t made on time, i will add some small thing to the reward.

Also i don’t want to hear that i will set the rewards for my friends- if i want to give them something i will do so in a way which isn’t connected to my blog, i respect my own rules and with the winners i will put a proof from the website and you can ask to see the list of contestants – people and numbers – because everything is put into a special folder. If i have said that i will chose the winner by random, then i really don’t care who gets it since the most of you for now i don’t even know. hmm

If our giveaway is for the creativity then we will decide as a small jury – me, my moderator and our little good *ghost* which prefers communications with the people in person then through the internet……so those are 3 females which will be voting…if it’s something complicated, we will explain in detail. The 3 of us are quite different personality bundle so i doubt our decisions will be ever one sided.

Also have in mind that those people are helping to this blog, no matter on which way, collecting infos, pictures, ideas, suggestions of they are buying things exactly for those giveaways so i really don’t want to hear that rewards are fake and winner is determined right away. As another of my rules is that they don’t apply for those giveaways….except if its sponsored by our guests then depends on them if they wish to enter and i have nothing to do with that.

Giveaways that our guests have are sponsored by them  or with our help – the winners will be chosen by them and with the way they prefer, i personally have nothing to do with the rewards, winners and this doesn’t go through my hands either. amazed kitten

Another way of rewarding our fans, which we will hopefully present in the future, is to reward the most loyal fans which supports us, help us and are very active on this blog – so we will chose someone and give the little package/reward – perhaps with something they would like to have. a015

Our giveaways aren’t because we want to get more *likes*, i managed to hear that one already as well, i personally don’t have any use of it if people click *like* so they can enter the giveaway and then *unlike* after, but since our giveaways are for fans only – there is a logic that either you are one or you have to become one, right? Sometimes i like to surprise people and give them something, even if it’s a small thing, it’s from the heart.

stalk list

QUESTIONS !!!!!!!!!

This  *stalker list* is really cool, right? So, how do you like my blog so far? What would you like to read, do you have any suggestions, ideas?

Should i write smaller posts? Less emoticons use? More photos?  ( please just don’t tell me that i need more photos with me  in it lol)

Until then, cross you fingers so i can find a job and SOON or me and my blog will fly away because my internet will go *pooooooooooooof*  zoom 2 ( ps..i told you i would write the novel in the end facepalm )


About sanasorey

Hello ;) I will be writing with alias, Sana Sorey. I'm from Croatia,born on 7.11.1988., and a really stubborn scorpion. I'm a real bookworm, especially for vampire and fantasy novels, also a big fan of Anime and Manga....i love black color, metal, goth and rock music....i watch a lot of tv series and love a good action or comedy movie, also i'm a gamer as well, too bad i dont have Play station...i probably wouln't leave the room then :p I can with the most confidence say that i passed a lot of crap in my life and i'm pretty much sure that's still just a tip of the iceberg what the future life have in store for me. I started few projects on my own: 1. helping/giving advice/support to depressed people - abused teenagers (just for being different then anyone else), some funny and random post or advice from life exp. 2. reviewing cosmetics, books and other stuff 3. promoting other people - their job or hobbies ( making unique jewellery at home, bags, crochet, tattoos, drawings, ect.) 4. reviews of snacks and sweets :) ......and working on starting more themes plus going back to write on both languages - English and Croatian :) If you want to know little more about me, visit this link --->
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4 Responses to The rules of my blog/theme presentations and the future ;)

  1. Kelvin says:

    Yesterday i spent 300 $ for platinium roulette
    system , i hope that i will make my first $$ online

  2. I enjoy what you guys tend to be up too. This kind
    of clever work and exposure! Keep up the superb works guys I’ve incorporated you guys to my blogroll.

  3. Giovanni says:

    I think your blog is good, the only thing I can think is if people that follow your blog start presenting themselves and see where it goes? I will go first, and this is only the second time I’ve presented myself in my entire life, my name is Giovanni, I am from Puerto Rico, I am 40 years old and I like anime, good tv shows and like to play games either on PC ,my tablet or xbox 360. I am currently unemployed.

    I hope many people will like your blog.

    • sanasorey says:

      I meant more as presenting their talents as making jewellery or bags, ect…i have already guests with that kind of hobbies hosted on my blog.
      thanks for being here and i hope sometimes you will find something interesting to read 😉

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