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Hello. Some of you may already know that i started the project of presenting your talents, hobbies, handmade stuff, paintings, ect. so i would like to spread the word about those and recently we even had our first blog guest, Nives jewellery.    rockI got little bit sidetracked with the blogging since i had problems with the laptop and it’s power supply :(, like the whole mess about keeping the internet and having no job simply wasn’t enough. I really hate the end of the month when my internet might go *pooooof*. little kitten

I was really glad to see that my little project got noticed and with the great excitement i present you our new guest,  Rukotvorine MegiS.Le  (MegiS.Le handmade)!   heklaThis cooperation really surprised me and i was really happy because i like to work with people and discover all the things they can make ( since i’m just not cut out for doing that myself   lol), especially if the person is very warm, nice, cool and flexible and you can come to an agreement about everything ( i seem to have a bad habit of  remembering at the midnight that i forgot to ask something for the interview  misli)

rukotvorine 1

long earrings- BLUE SNOWFLAKES
made from  silk
price is 60 kn – about 8 euro

1. Welcome to our little blog and tell us something about yourself for the start: smiley-wise

” 1. My name is  Slavica Smolić Ex Dukić and i have a diploma in the economy, tourism management but like many young people today i’m “happily” unemployed so i spend most of the time with my kids and housework. Usually i’m a very big fan of alternative lifestyle and recycling so i spend my time doing alternative medicine, yoga, doing charity work, recycling and , of course, making handicrafts. “. 

2. How did you get an idea to start working on this hobby? 

“Since i was little, needles, yarn and rags were always in my hands because i  was sewing for my teddy bears and dolls and i know how my mom was mad at me because of it since i took something she needed, then i started to take this more seriously when i was at college because, after the work and the lectures, that was kind of a blowing steam and i still have my first piece of hand work nicely saved in my proud mom’s closet. I have learned from the mom and grandma who were experts on those kinds of crafts and, as a little, i used to watch them what they were doing and then hiding so i can try to mimic those moves. I started to work a lot when i was pregnant with my first child because i wanted something special for my child and all the best for my baby girl, and that can be only that which was made by the mother itself and so i was persuaded from my friends to start publishing pictures of my work and little bit later i started to get orders what would others like to have. ”  (awwwwww that’s so sweet cute)

(I personally have no kids but who wouldn’t want them to try those little cute things? )

rukotvorine 7

flip-flops, sandals – up to number 20 – 70 kn – about 10 euro
from number  20 to 26-  80kn – about 11 euro
from number 27 to 33-  100kn – about 14 euro
from number  34 and above – 120 kn – about 17 euro

shoes – up to number 20-  40 kn – about 5.5 euro
from number 20 to 26-  50 kn – 7 euro
from number 27 to 33 – 60 kn – about 8.5 euro
from number 34 and above – 70kn – about 10 euro

3. Which material you use for those beautiful handicraft items?

” For now i’m very happy because i manage to order pure Croatian 100 %  cotton thread so i can say that i’m 100 % Croatian product. “

4. What can we find in your offer? 

“My offer is quite colorful, from clothes for adults and kids, caps, scarfs, shoes in every sizes, toys, little gifts….”

5. Do you have any favorite one you secretly like to make the most? 

” What i like to make the most are stuff for kids, or the Cartoon collection as i called it – caps, scarfs, mittens for kids inspired by Disney characters, toys and shoes….i simply adore that innocent childish world which i never want to leave. “

I have to say that i absolutely have no idea about those cartoons, i always got weird glances when someone says something about them and i have no freaking clue what’s going on, Disney characters included.kaw kaw…. simply i haven’t watched them, i grew up watching Beetlejuice and Anime and i think i skipped most of the childhood thanks to the way i was growing up ….071onion so i would really be grateful if you stop laughing at my lack of knowledge about those cartoons ……facepalm

rukotvorine 6

Wow, is that possible to make at home?  gasp I sure wouldn’t. They look so real and full of details.

set TIGER – cap, scarf and mittens
made from wool
140kn – about 20 euro
cap and scarf –  110 kn – about 15 euro

cap DONKEY from  Winnie the Pooh ( never watched
made from wool
price  70 kn  – about 10 euro

set from 3 pieces – MICKEY
made from wool
price 140kn – about 20 euro
cap and a scarf –  110 kn – about 15 euro

rukotvorine 5

CAP- made from the 100 % cotton thread
price : up to  54 cm – 80kn – about 11 euro
from  55 cm to above – 100 kn – about 14 euro

Hat and a scarf for a girl – made from 100 % cotton
price: 100 kn – about 14 euro

6. This is really colorful collection of handmade work, do you make something  for orders?

“Everything i do, i make for orders what people want. “

(yay, who wants to have those stuff at home? )

7. What are the prices regarding the talent and the time you spend working on those handmade items?

” Prices depend from product to product, from few euro to few dozens of euro, it depends also how much time i need to make something.”

My work you can follow on  Facebook Rukotvorine MegiS.Le,

blloger Rukotvorine MegiS.Le

or to contact me at”

Here you can look at all of the work or check the templates what else you can order –>
rukotvorine 3

Tunic FLOWER, made from the thread ( it’s possible to make from wool as well )
price  320 kn- about 45 euro ( from wool  270 kn- 38 euro )
possible to make in every color and sizes 😉

Skirt  – 330 kn – about 46 euro, for little girls from age of 8 -10, made from 100 % cotton

8. How people reacted when you started to present them those handmade items? Some of them look like they have been made in the factory and bought in a very expensive store. 

“Without support of my friends and family there would be no Rukotvorina MegiS.Le ( MegiS.Le handmade) because they were the one who persuaded me into publishing photos of my work …they were and still are my loyal buyers and the most i appreciated the support from my husband because everything is easier in 2, like we would like to say. “

9. Some time already i want to solve the mystery, so why the name  Rukotvorine MegiS.Le (MegiS.Le handmade) ? It’s a little bit unusual and unique.  sherlock

“It came from a few names – daughter  Magdalena, son  Leopold last name, Smolić”. 

rukotvorine 2

Toys are from 45 -50 kn – about 6 to 8 euro ( prices are very roughly translated to give you some hint how much items are worth)

10. Do you have any plans for the future? 

” Well, it’s hard to say, but i would like to continue working on my brand and stay simple and available women who is hiding behind this screen with a needle in her hand. “
11. Something to say for the end : 

“I would like to pass a message to all of my current and the future fans but also for those who are not – they should support the work of each individuals …because behind each individual brand is one heavy road full of work, efforts, tears and laugh and Your support means a lot to us. That doesn’t mean we all are just waiting for you to buy something ( of course, that would be great) but we are very impatient to hear every your comment, involvement with our page, to see a like or even the tiny conversation which makes us happy and proud at our work. “

(well said) Fox Wowoh my)

rukotvorine 8

Key-rings are about  20 kn – about 3 euro, mug set –  about  45 kn – which is about 6 euro.

Well, that would be it for now, thank you very much from the bottom of the heart for deciding to cooperate with our blog , that really made me happy and thank you for spending some time with us so you could introduce us to your work. I wish you lots of success in the future and i hope other people will soon recognize the quality and love in your handmade work.

You may want to check out her page ( even if you don’t speak that language) since she has there lots of cool tips how to make something from the old stuff or recycle it, just look at that picture below..i had no idea this could be done 😛 )


wow reuse


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