I present you our new blog guest – Malina Apple


toys – 50 do 60 kn – about 7-8 euro, bag for a cellphone – 40-50 kn- 6-7 euro, depends which size the cellphone is

Hello MusicNotesAni…..How do you handle those hot days? Sun drains away every drop of my energy.   083_v2  It’s still nice to see warm weather and everything flowering, right?

This time we have a new guest ( and if you are wondering do i kidnap them   haha…no…..i assure you then are coming on their own free willlol).   Situation at home still hasn’t changed to better so i wait every day what new disaster or problem will show up so the future of my blog also often hangs on the spider’s thread so i’m very glad to see that people started to contact me for those colaborations ……..uuuuuuuu, i’ll have soon very busy schedule.

…I will repeat once more that our cooperation is for all kinds of stuff you do – handmade items, jewellery, recycled stuff, paintings, maybe tattoos or even body painting, i think maybe in the future i’ll probably write about some good place to hang out, events, ect…..so, if you want something like this, contact us and it’s free  ( and we are even giving away virtual cookies )  lol

This time i present you new spring refreshment ,  Malina Apple from Prodaja heklanih rukotvorina Makadizajn!!!!!! ( Raspberry Apple from Makadesign handmade sales)

malina 2

hair strap without flower  30 kn – about 4 euro, with flower  50 kn- about 7 euro, shoes – 90 kn – about 11 euro

Hello and welcome to our little blog.  hi

1. Can you introduce yourself to us? 

“So….my real name is Malinka ( that would be a lot like Raspberry) and Apple is from my email address. ..but ok…MakaDesign is alias i would like to push out as my hobby. I’m 40, professor and i work in the small private company. My hobby is doing handmade items, making souvenirs and riding a bicycle. “

2. Can you explain to us how did you start making unique items? 

“Crochet is something i do for years now. I have learned it from my mom doing tablecloth but as they weren’t popular i neglected it a little bit. Then i have seen on the internet too cute little baby shoes and i wanted to learn how to make those so i searched for the videos and instructions. First of those kind were red and i’m still very proud at them even if i made lots of prettier ones later. I started to sell those stuff after i got positive feedback about my work and since then i have learned some new techniques as well.  .”

3. Which material do you use in your work?  hekla

“I use thread and wool , as for the souvenirs mostly wood which, with the help of my husband, we saw together, grind it and then decorate it in his workshop..”

malina 3

4. What we can find in your offer?  smiley-wise

“In my offer are wooden magnets, painted with the decoupage technique or with the screen printing, images made by decoupage technique, sand, acrylic colors, crochet toys ( amigurums) which can be turned into – rustle toys, key rings, nice car decorations, pins, then  crochet sets for babies, caps, hats, hair straps, shoes, cellphone bags, tablecloth, everything made with cute details and as you wish…”

5. What are the prices for those unique handicrafts? 

“Prices are colorful, you can see them on my pages –  Prodaja heklanih rukotvorina-Makadizajn or on Facebook profile Malina Aplle …”

https://www.facebook.com/pages/Prodaja-heklanih-rukotvorina-Makadizajn/315067668588540    or


if you don’t have Facebook, you can contact her on the email address  –>


for more info or pictures about her work please visit this album  —>


malina 4

6. Do you maybe have any favorites for making? 

“I like to make Amigurums and especially when i get a list of wishes ….” i want a fairy, Peter Pan, Tinkerbell…”, then i feel like that’s a special challenge to create something with my needles that will truly and faithfully represent those characters.  

“Mostly everything i make is  for orders but for gifts as well.. i enjoy seeing people how happy they are when they receive something for what they know it’s unique .” 🙂

7. How long do you need to make something? It looks like i ask that often since i know how something unique is difficult to make and how much efforts they require. 

“Depends on what i need to do …toys i can make for 2 hours and sometimes they can take even 2 days depends how big the order is or do i work on something i see or i have to create it first…..dresses 2 days –  sometimes 5, depends how much details it has, ect. …”

malina apple

20 kn – about 3 euro for crochet bookmarks, 35 kn – about 5 euro for crochet necklace

8. I assume that people around you are very happy because of your hobby? 

“My friends and relatives are overjoyed, sometimes with the great impatience they wait so i can show them newest items and for Christmas everything was full of their orders to get gifts for their friends….They help me a lot with sharing photos of my work over the Facebook.”

9. So, what it is in the future stored for your hobby? 

“I would like it to stay as a hobby on which i will occasionally earn extra money and buy something for myself, i’m very happy when i can order a new box of materials.”

10. Is there something special that you remember regarding the work you do?  kitty

“Well, i remember one of my work, Petar Pan, which in the end looked a lot like a soldier then Peter but my client was happy with it anyway. ” 🙂


Magnets – souvenirs – perfect gift 15 kn – about 2 euro

11. And for those who don’t know what that is, you are working with decoupage and that’s serviette technique ? 

” Yes, serviette technique….so, you need a serviette, you remove 2 layers and just leave the third one with the picture you like, then you need a little bit of glue for wood which you previously dilute with water and with a few gentle brush strokes you apply it on the serviette and voila…..image is applied. 
Considering the serviettes, there is a little story behind it…as a little girl i was collecting them and then left 2 full boxes of serviettes for my daughter. She picked up my hobby and together we collected over 200 different kinds of them. “

Yeah, me too, i think we all have been obsessed with something in some certain period of time, i know how strange people were looking at me when i have said that i want one serviette from a package if i didn’t have that one already. In the end i had full box of them…and with the time simply forgot on them….i think some of you are already aware of my “hamster syndrome” and you have to collect them all. When i just remember what else i have been collecting over time……..i have no idea where most of those things ended up today, maybe in some dusty box or i just threw it away. ..amazed kitten

I have to add that those decorations for hands and legs are absolutely beautiful and i assume that with the spring and summer just behind the corner , they could become a real hit. They are quite light, attractive, mysterious and simply elegant so they are picking up all the attention around you. Don’t you agree with me? rock


decoration for hands or legs – about 40 kn – which is about 5.5 euro 

Well, thank you very much for deciding that you want to cooperate with our blog which  made me very happy that someone else decided to be part of my new project. I wish you lots of success in you future work and i hope that even the tourists will recognize the quality of your unique items. We will be expecting more cool items in your offer.  cute

“This hobby brought me a great deal of joy, i met lots of creative individuals which share my passion for making jewellery, souvenirs, crochet, ect…….many times it happens i ask them for a help with creating a prices for my work because that’s the toughest part for me, sometimes i ask for advice what and how to do something and all that together is a beauty of this creative world in which i have stepped into.  ….”

malina9 darivanje


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