Review of 7 Bipa products – My body, My face, Iq Cosmetics and b.pretty ;)

bipa new 1

Hi .  hi  Some of you may already know that not so long time ago i participated in a Bipa contest – and was chosen in first 10  yeyyyyyyyyy   yay….Who would knew. The reward they have sent us was a small package of Bipa products and we have to make a review for those products. But, you know me, i need a little bit more time because simply i don’t want to write *yes, everything is just great…..thanks for cosmetics..and that’s it *. So i decided to dedicate little bit of more time to this  project.

I have to say that i had my reasons to believe that each person will get a different package but mine was definitely the best.  starac I got almost everything perfect from the objects i usually use and they even guessed the colors ( i’m very curios if someone was judging that based on our photos or that was just a random pure luck 😛 ) so i was really excited when i finally got that reward, it came really quickly and nicely wrapped up in a Bipa bag and a paper with a small ribbon on it.  yay ( too bad i didn’t remember to take a picture then but it was really hard to resist to go explore it’s content ).

The package contains products from Bipa, Croatian cosmetics brand  – My face, My body, B.pretty, IQ Cosmetics and Looky by Bipa. Personally i would like if there is more info about those product on the internet, whole set with the design and look, characteristics and prices…….otherwise we will have the same situation as yesterday when my moderator and i spent more then a hour in a Bipa store, we even quickly became friends with people working there . lol We would probably stay there even longer, but we had to continue our schedule.

Here are some products and prices –>

BIPA –    is looking forward to popularity of their own brands  LOOK BY BIPA, IQ COSMETICS, b.pretty, Little Girl, MY and  B.STYLED.

They have been developed by the highest standards, as BIPA  brands , you can find lots of really quality products and affordable prices.

bipa kolaž

LOOK BY BIPA – top brand for young beauty queens

                              – trendsetter  Make-up and  Accessories  with modern choice of colors, casual design and cool prices

                        – huge offer of mascara, nail polish, make up for eyes, lips and healthy skin

IQ COSMETICS – i think it’s my own personal favorite

– high valuable line of cosmetics – iQ COSMETICS – exists since  2001. in BIPA

                               – used textures are great and they are granting every wish or a demand of women which appreciates quality but still checking out the prices ( it contains everything like brand  Look by Bipa)

B.PRETTY      –  you can expect trend new colors, crazy textures and even more shine and glam like never before

                            – doesn’t matter if it’s the natural Nude-Look, elegant  Business-Style or glam Make-up with the  Smokey eyes and  sexy lips – new b.pretty palette offers you a real  Make-up for every style.

MY – my care from head to toe – for whole family  – it has been developed with high standards of quality and precious ingredients and gentle smell

                                                                     -each of the products are perfectly tuned and they are everything you need for optimal sense of care and comfort

                                                                    – it contains  My dent, My body, My face, My hair and My men

For more info visit their official page —>


bipa 2

After i told you little bit more about this Croatian brand of cosmetics, lets go back to my package of products i had won. On those pictures i wanted to show you the colors of  B.pretty Lip liner, IQ cosmetics Lip gloss and Olive green eyeshadow, i have to say that pictures are quite good ( thanks to my moderator lol) ..even if i still couldn’t catch the glitter on the eyeshadow, you can still see the colors as they are in reality.

1. Since i got 7 of those products i don’t know where to start so i will chose my absolute favorite  – IQ Cosmetics Mirror Shine gloss – Lip gloss 8 Crystal Beige – which, as you can see on those photos, had totally left me delighted.  On whole design i have nothing more then only words of praising, i was more then excited with a little compact mirror on the side of the lip gloss and the actual light that is coming from the lip gloss closing lid when you open it, so it’s very useful for night hours as well, and little mirror is more then a good choice since  probably you already know,  when women puts something in her purse…it will take a lot of time before finding it again , so this mirror actually saves you the misery and we can check up on the rest of the make- up as well.

The rest of the design is glass cube like structure with the little tube put in the center of it – so it reminds you at  a work of art then as cosmetics itself.  When you open it, the battery gets activated with 2 little lights inside, closing lid is very practical so you won’t get your lip gloss spilled all over your things. My only note would be that they should put the name  of the lip gloss at more visible place, now you barely can see it since it’s on the bottom of the lip gloss.

I have to say that i use this products first time and  only on first glance and test became my absolute favorite. The shade of it i would say it’s more neutral, you can see it on the picture, maybe it looks like bit darker but it gets merged with the color of your lips and still looks very natural with a little bit of a glitter in it. The whole texture of the lip gloss was something new to me, usually even if they have some smell or a taste like something, they still simply feel like artificial, and here that is not the case.

It nourishes and hydrates your lips nicely, it feels little bit like oily structure but it keeps the lips more softer and gentler then usual lip glosses. I have to say that the smell of it is very nice and attractive, it reminds me of some fruit or a cake, i don’t know myself, but the smell stays long after you applied it and i definitely love it . loveeeeee

It doesn’t actually have a taste, more it’s neutral one, but  lasts quite good  and even if  it gets wiped out visually you can still feel it on your lips and you don’t need a lot of it anyway. Package comes in 6 ml and i assume it will last long since you really don’t need it much and because of the lasting part , except if you don’t leave it out of your hands.

This time i wont be writing you about ingredients, mostly because i would be needing a microscope to read them lol and most of them i can’t even pronounce so who wants to know, order them and look at those products but i doubt this will interest you when you get those products in your hands.  😛

Like i have already mentioned, those are Bipa products so they can be bought in Bipa stores, and the price of that lip gloss is 34.90 kn. – around 5 euro. Maybe little bit expensive but it’s worth it.


IQ Cosmetics Mirror Shine Gloss  are full hit, they are in many shades  from which this time i had to stay away since i already have my own but i will go back to buy new one when i’m done with mine. I’m very delighted with the product itself – from the design, cute component with the mirror on it and the battery which gives you nice little light even  in very dark rooms and it’s very practical  for us, smell and lasting of it and i have already recommended it to my friends. I hope i will get my hands on more of those.


It doesn’t say which shade is it actually, just the number 3, but reminds me of some richer color of the pink rose, the shade itself you can see on my arm above. Personally i don’t wear lip liners because i use very rarely lipstick too, i prefer much more some natural look and all kinds of balsams, lip butters, labello. This time i combined it with a IQ Lip Gloss, bordered the lips slightly with the lip liner so i would make them look fuller and sharper and then blended with the lip gloss. I’m sure the full effect would be much more visible if i actually used lipstick because then you can see how lips look much more sensual and full and also it keeps the lipstick in place.

The design is pretty much simple with  b.pretty logo and a little star on it, the tip of the pencil is protected by plastic closing lid which is really tight so it won’t get broken or fall off. Lip liner is really soft in texture, it’s easy to apply and easy to remove if you need to fix it and it’s good for blending with the Lip gloss as well. It lasts quite nicely, if you aren’t too demanding about your make – up or you use those stuff very rarely just for a little bit special look then this is good for you.

The price is about 9.90 kn, – which is little bit more then 1 euro, quite cheap if you ask me and you will have it for a very long time.

GRADE 4.5/5

I’m not 100 percent sure about how long will it lasts because i didn’t test it out with the lipstick, and with the lip gloss you barely could notice it, i personally didn’t mind since it’s not in my habit to use them anyway, but i think someone else will probably pay more attention to this. Like i have said, it’s quite good choice for a very cheap price,  i really doubt it would pay off to give more money for a lip liner, if you don’t even use it very often.


It’s another good one from those products and  i’m very satisfied with it, it’s quite trendy looking since this year color green is the hit of the season  misli  and it’s personally one of my own favorites. I like the package, it’s a black little box with the looking -through glass and IQ logo on it, it looks very elegant and one thing i have to mention right away that when you close it you can hear a “click” sound so it wont open by itself later.

I already had bad experience with the eyeshadow which got broken and then just crumbed into thousand little pieces. You can apply it with the tiny brush it has or just use your favorite one if you prefer more freedom with it. Eyeshadow is in olive green color with a little bit of glitter in it but not too much, texture is a nice silky powder and what is the most important thing, it doesn’t crumble when you start to use it. For example i  had one eyeshadow that fell to the floor and then crumbled into hundreds of pieces and i simply lost my will to go back using it.

It lasts quite ok, but i have noticed that it collects a little bit on a eyelid, so now i’m not quite sure is it because of my skin, bad foundation or something third. It gives nice look on the eyes and little bit reminds me of fantasy look but i do have too much of imagination anyway. I tried to make a good picture of it but it’s really hard to capture the color of the eyeshadow and those little glitter things you can’t even see..ignored

eyes 7 eyes

Don’t ask me what is that one strike over my eyelid, it looks like i forgot that i should stretch my eyes so the eyeshadow would be easier to capture with the camera, but i think you can see how it looks like anyway.I have to say that i simply want to show you how this product looks like and to make a review of it –  i won’t be making any make- up tutorials on my own.

My eyes are dark green so i prefer that color of eyeshadow as well, or simply i suffer for a longer time already on a necklace from the green glass, like a stone but simple, but currently i can’t afford it. It’s quite the effective way of putting your eyes in a first plan  because over the time i came to the conclusion that for a person with brown hair, green eyes and pale skin type the best make up is natural one which is based on showing off your eyes .

On those photos you can see the mascara as well but i will write about it little bit later. Also here i fixed the eyeshadow and before that i was wearing it for about 9 hours straight so it lasted quite ok, it got erased a little bit but not so much that you have to search for it with a magnifying glass.

The price is about  35.90 kn- about 5 euro, little bit expensive considering it’s just one color eyeshadow, but 3.4 grams should hold more then a long time.

GRADE 4.5/5

Like i have said, my grade of this product is little bit influenced with the price and still debating does it collects itself on the eyelid or not, i applied it few times and not much of it but i’m  not still sure in the conclusion. Maybe it’s just with me. Considering the price, if you think this is little bit too expensive, Bipa offers you more cheaper brands but this eyeshadow is quite good and you can combine it as day or night look and since the green is the hit of a season, i think this eyeshadow will be very popular. There is more then enough of it and you need to apply it just a little bit which is good -i also hate when i have to apply something a lot and you can still barely notice it.  I like that “click” sound when you close the lid, design is quite perfect, elegant and compact. And if you think this is too monotone for you, Bipa offers more of them and in 3 colors in one. smiley-wise

bipa 3


Personally i wear a lot of eyeliners or black pencils because like i have already mentioned it’s quite effective way of showing off your color of the eyes and you can wear it with any style you like. On those pictures i have it less then usual since i used the eyeshadow but hopefully i will combine it next time with the Egyptian line on the eyelid….also i have been told that i like to use a lot of it, some other prefer to use it so little that you can barely notice it….so……as you wish in the end. smug

The package is very light and you can apply it very specifically like you want it…but for those who aren’t used to those very pointy and sharp ends that could present a little problem. To use it on a upper eyelid you will still pass better then actually trying to apply it on the lower one and if you don’t have much of free time this will make you very frustrated.

The color is black and it lasts quite long, i think some of you may already know that i have a bad habit poking myself with something in my eyes so this pointy end of eyeliner is quite the horror for me.  lolI like the design and closing lid, maybe you have already noticed how every time i point out about the closing mechanism but lets be honest…how many times you have bought something and then it opened by itself and spilled all over your stuff? The only thing i have noticed that over the time with use the pointy end gets more loose and it kinda looks too dry to apply so of course it will slow you down if you don’t have much time.

The price is about  17 kn – almost 3 euro-  so if you are person who doesn’t use much of eyeliner and you need it just a tiny bit so you can show off your eyes, then you will be happy with this product. .


Currently my grade of this product is about 4 since i think the end is kinda dry and gets loose with the time how you use it.


I would describe the design as glamorous, you can easily see it among all others products and you will have to go check it out. I have to say that applying brush for mascara is quite good, that’s quite a plus since i’m battling with them for a long time. If i find good mascara i hate the brush, if i find good brush i hate the mascara so i get in circles with dozens of critics for some product.

The appyling brush is ok, it doesn’t create clumps and it separated the eyelashes quite nicely, but for a bigger volume you still have to work for, i know some of you  got used to using the mascara once and that’s it. Another plus is that you don’t feel it on your eyelashes…like i have said..long battle with those mascaras…….On the upper photo you can notice that i have natural and long eyelashes so i didn’t apply it too much because i prefer natural look. It’s nice to see that each eyelash has it’s own volume but for me  it looks kinda too artificial and too heavy look.

I have to say that i’m personally really satisfied with the mascara and for 12 ml the price is  25 kn – 4 euro, which isn’t that bad and i like the design which isn’t monotone and it really looks glamorous. It lasts quite long and  it doesn’t take too long to take if off which is just another of my measures for mascara because every time i want to remove it i lose my poor eyelashes.  come back


It’s quite affordable price in a combination with the good quality and speacial design that will always attract you, during my conversation with the friends my review obviously had some effect since i soon was robbed for that mascara lol.


Those towelettes surpised me quite a lot, they are in a big package with 25 towelettes in it, quite thick and big, some are usually so thin like they are made from spider web. The price is about  12.90  kn – about euro and half, which is quite cheap and the make up removal is very effective. With them you simply pass over the make up and it’s off, especially eyeshadows and eyeliner, except if you are wearing something waterproof but they will remove that too without any problems at all.

My face cleaning towelettes are alcohol free and are designed for a cleaning of dry and sensitive skin types. They gently remove waterproof make – up and filth from the skin.

After the use skin is still soft, hydrated and it doesn’t irrirates the skin, they are one of my better personal discoveries because i really don’t like when i have to rub the make up off my face and in the process kill half of my eyelashes. miser


I would recomend it for everyone, not just for those with a sensitive skin and they are one of the best make- up removal , they are really gentle and effective and you can save some time ( and nerves) with them. Maybe i found a smell little bit weird because i prefer gentle smell of something, but this isn’t a perfume, they are  face towelettes so i will survive because they are definitely  making up for it wit how effective they are.


And the last object to make a review about it is My body shower cream with a gentle and quite exotic coconut smell. Somewhere in the future i will write a post about my own little army of the shower creams and you can see that i like to try out new things, i’m also quite tempted to  My body Chai Vanilla, but i have to keep my distance since for now i don’t have time to use all that.

The bottle is quite big and filled to the top, texture  it’s a little bit different and reminds me of some mix of a body milk , but it’s not a bad thing, you need to apply it really little and it’s great, it gives the foam but not too much and the whole feeling of using it you just have to try it on yourself. Skin immediately feels softer and gentler and the smell literally stays on it for hours. I really love stuff which smell great and it reminds you like you are in a bath made from coconut milk, it’s really good to relax with, i will have to try it in a long and lazy bath when i find some time.

Even if i like the package of it i think they should make a cover little bit more interesting since this version deserves much better and exotic approach then to be so simple and monotone. For a price i’m not quite sure, i think it’s about 14 kn,- 2 euro, i had the best intention to memorize all …….but after i got there and saw some things on current discount ……my attention to details just flew out the window.  lol

With  My body shower creams you surely won’t make a wrong choice, especially if you need it for someone as a gift, i think all women appreciate good, relaxing, nourishing baths with a great smell.


I’m delighted by this product and i can’t wait to get my hands on more of those to try it, i like how soft, nourished and silky effect leaves on your skin and the smell itself stays on your skin for hours . If you want more coconut product, they have a body lotion as well so….go for it. 😉 horse


I was debating with myself for a long time should i publish this photo or not, personally i’m not that delighted by it..but…here……i have to say in my defense that i’m not very photogenic person , i really hate taking my pictures and if you could make one whole album of my pictures from whole life – now that would be a miracle. That day i got up at 5.20 am and this was taken around 3 pm. And another thing, i don’t have dark circles around my eyes or wrinkles, every time when i try to laugh those muscles below my eyes get more visible …don’t ask me how…yes, i know, i’m the miracle of nature. smil42c642dbb72ef

Just focus on the fact that i’m wearing the products from Bipa and look how long they can last. This was taken before i fixed the eyeshadow. When i think about it, this is the first time some of you actually see me. sigh

I hope you learned something useful from my review ( and please have mercy on my pictures hypno). Currently i don’t know if my next post will be new review about Organic surge or i will host another guest…until then enjoy in this “novel” from my post.

bipa 4


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