Review of Organic Surge Daily Moisturisers and Kiss and Make up Cleansing Wipes

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Hello,  Fox Wowsince i obviously like to make mess out of my own schedule, and this review is bugging me for months now,  ( shame on me), i decided to make a short review about Organic Surge natural products. Now, when i say short, it means it’s gonna be normal length instead of my very long novels.  smil42c642dbb72ef Usually my writing style became making of a  review about more products in just one post – maybe little package i got, current new line of products, something i have at home from some brand, ect. so i hope you will forgive me if i write longer posts instead of – for example, one lipstick, photo of it, 5 phrases of text and that’s it..that’s the great review about it.  sigh

This lovely gift i got from a very awesome people and then i had promised to myself i will make a review about it, but as you know, life doesn’t really wants to cooperate with me so there is always something that will hider my blogging, mostly is stressing out over not having a job and way too many debts to even begin to deal with it. stress But, look at this on the bright side, now i have almost used everything i got so you can get my full and honest review about Organic Surge products.

ORGANIC SURGE – Your skin’s best friend

organic-surge-1309771078I have to mention that i really like natural products because since i was little i was listening to my old grandma about tips and recipes how they used to take care of their skin, nails, hair, what they ate to be healthier and how they cured some wounds – so somehow that stuck in your ears and later you are sorry for not taking any written notes when you still had chance to do so.

No matter how today opinions are divided which line of cosmetics is better: natural or high tech, again you remember how people made stuff from everything they have found in pure nature, they looked better, younger, healthier and even lived longer then we do today with all that science. But lets return to this topic, i think we need both types of cosmetics but it depends on each different brand and their ability to captivate our attention and which brand we will favor more.starac

Before now i get into my typical “let’s type the whole novel again mode”, because if i continue to talk about which lines of products Organic Surge has and for what exactly they are for, i think everyone agrees that this post simply won’t have end. So, if anyone wants to know more about this brand of natural products you can visit this page for more information about it —>

or just to search for their Facebook page, usually there is already one for each country.

Organic Surge loves your skin, lavishing it with naturally-derived, intensely nourishing ingredients and deliciously fragrant organic essential oils. Just like your skin, Organic Surge products are 100% free of harsh chemicals – no parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate, no artificial fragrances or colourants and no genetically modified ingredients. And the very soul of Organic Surge lies in its charitable donations and hands-on work spanning many years. Every single Organic Surge product sold contributes to our efforts to support Africa’s most vulnerable children.

Organic Surge – natural products

-repairs, soothes and softens skin                                                                                                    – reduces skin irritation                                                                                                                      -helps boost skin’s natural rejuvenation cycle


  • Rich in pure plant extracts and organic essential oils
  • Certified organic essential oils
  • Cruelty free; no animal derived ingredients in development or manufacturing
  • Kinder to your skin and the environment


  • Parabens, sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate
  • Synthetic perfume, artificial colorants
  • Chemical antioxidants mineral oils, propylene glycol
  • Aggressive foaming agents

WHERE TO BUY:  mostly in pharmacy, here is the list of all places and countries:


organic surge 3

Organic Surge has a rich selection of products – from body scrubs, body lotions, foaming baths, hand and nail creams, shower gels, cleansing lotions, daily care face wash, face mask, daily and overnight moisturisers, eyegel, cleansing wipes, shampoos, conditioners, ect. 

Today i’m gonna say few words about 3 of their products : Kiss and make up cleansing wipes, Super intensive daily moisturiser for dry skin and Blissful daily moisturiser for normal skin. 



Kiss & Make-Up Wipes combine convenience and care, effectively sweeping away make-up, dirt and impurities. The soft fabric wipes are enriched with skin-soothing chamomile and natural moisturisers to cleanse, refresh and rehydrate your skin, leaving it feeling clean and bright. Perfect for use on the face and eyes for all skin types, even sensitive. Kiss and Make-up Cleansing  Wipes material is 100% woven viscose, which is completely bio-degradable and compostable.

Those cleansing wipes are very practical to use because of resealing pack with the self-adhesive label to avoid drying them out. They are recommended to everyone as a part of daily beauty care, but also to everyone who are constantly in a hurry and they want to keep healthy, clean and beautiful skin. They are ideal product of every cosmetics personal bag for every occasion especially if you are going on a journey somewhere.


1. Chamomile – naturally comforts and soothes the skin

2. Aloe vera – naturally calms and moisturises the skin

3. Vitamin E – naturally reduces skin inflammation or irritation, provides natural anti-oxidant properties

4. Natural glycerine – a natural humectant which attracts moisture to the skin, helping it to remain hydrated and soft

PRICE: about 7 euro (it contains 25 cleansing wipes)

I have to say that those cleansing wipes have restored a little bit of my faith in that kind of products because, as some of you may already know, once i had a pretty much negative experience with cleansing wipes and since then i simply started to avoid them. I don’t remember anymore which brand i bought then, it was something cheap i have seen in a store nearby, and even if my skin isn’t sensitive or problematic, during the make up removal my eyes started to hurt and there was that burning sensation which lead to swelling – so i spent the rest of my day putting cold coatings dipped into a chamomile tea and tried not to panic since my eyes looked like i just spent few rounds in a ring with a boxing champion.  beaten up

I don’t even have to say that when this evil reaction was gone everything i have used ended up in a garbage can, without any mercy, and i have learned a lesson not to buy anything i see on discounts and you don’t have any information about it.

Also one of my favorite herbs is – chamomile. I drink it very often on daily basis – if you are nervous or under stress – chamomile tea will relax you a little bit. Your head hurts or you have a big migraine attack – drink chamomile tea or sniff the smell of it. If you are not feeling well in your stomach – guess what you have to drink…chamomile! !!! lol So when i see something that has a main ingredient –  chamomile – of course i will try that out.

Those cleansing wipes to me are more like a last SOS call for people who have very sensitive skin, of course, they are suitable for all skin types, but i would said that for 25 cleansing wipes in a package the price is a little bit too high since you are gonna  use them up really quickly.  After opening them ( few times) they are still closed very nicely so the cleansing wipes won’t get in touch with dust or get dry but you probably are going to use them up very fast so they won’t have time to become dry anyway.

The package is in some mix of light purple – rose color with green sticker and white letters, it also looks like it’s quite elastic and waterproof which is also a good sign – even if i was quite sceptical towards other cleansing wipes that doesn’t mean i didn’t have them in my closet and i simply hated it when package was inflexible, you had trouble opening them and then soon it stopped to close them properly so by the time i remembered i might use them they were dry already, ect. what a pain in the neck those were.  misli

Smell is quite gentle and chamomile like, cleansing wipes are quite thick so when you use it you won’t be scared that they will fall apart like they are made from spider web threads. They are very gentle and quite effective even with removal of waterproof make up but you have to know that they won’t remove makeup in one stroke, i mean – you won’t have to scrub down your make up, they will remove it quite good and gently that’s why i would recommend it more for people with very sensitive skin since we can tolerate other ways of removing our makeup.

They don’t create a skin irritation, there is no red marks or dots, skin feels soft and clean so when i use it – first i wipe down my entire face, even if i didn’t have any make up on it and then i go to remove my whole waterproof army of eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara.

GRADE 4.5/5

Since it contains chamomile and aloe vera those cleansing wipes are very good solution for make up removal, they won’t remove it in one stroke but they will remove it very gently so you won’t even realize that all that weight of make up you are having is being taken down, it’s smells nice and gently and leaves a soft and clean skin. My grade was little bit influenced  by very expensive price for them and they contain only 25 cleansing wipes in package which will be used up very quickly.



Super-Intensive Daily Moisturiser,  50 ml, nourishes, conditions and rehydrates dry skin. For skin that needs an extra surge of moisture this intensely hydrating cream is packed with natural humectants for the ultimate boost to restore dryness. Organic rose geranium essential oil is key to restoring skin balance and reviving a dull complexion. With the additional benefits of Aloe Vera to repair, sooth and moisturise, skin will feel and look super soft.

How to use it:  Put a small amount onto the tips of your fingers and work the cream into your face in a circular motion. Use daily for optimum effect and smoother skin.


Rose geranium essential oil – naturally restores the skin’s natural balance and clears sluggish skin circulation

Aloe vera – naturally calms and moisturises the skin

Cocoa butter – softens and re-conditions the skin

Natural glycerine – a natural humectant which attracts moisture to the skin, helping it to remain hydrated and soft

Grapeseed oil – an emollient and anti-inflammatory, naturally soothes skin and addresses fine lines

Green tea – acts as a natural skin healing agent

Vitamin E – reduces skin irritation, provides natural anti-oxidant properties loveeeeee

PRICE: usually about 14 euro

I have to admit – this moisturiser had me very pleasantly surprised and delighted in a very short notice. It’s in a package of 50 ml with a light purple color since i have chosen this one for dry skin. My skin has obviously mind on its own and you can’t fit it into some normal category, sometimes i think it’s little bit dry so this moisturiser was quite good for me. I like the design and whole look of it, it’s quite cute with thick closing lid and it  fits nicely with glass jar design which somehow little bit reminds me of very expensive perfume bottles.

Something i really like is a little plastic cap inside the jar instead of boring plastic wrap that protects the moisturiser, mostly i have no clue what to do with plastic wrap and even if you need it – you don’t like it. This plastic cap is easy to remove and put black in his place, it’s quite effective and cute. Personally i really like the smell of this moisturiser, it’s smells like mix of chamomile flower and roses, at least to me, and this smell you can still notice around you for a while.

The structure of the moisturiser is very light, velvety and it gets absorbed literally in a few seconds leaving your skin hydrated and soft for hours. Since it’s very light and gets dry very fast, you can use it as a foundation for your make up but i rather use it standalone since i like the smell of it.

With longer usage of this product skin becomes more softer, nourished, hydrated and healthier, there is almost none problems with the skin and i used it for few dry places like elbow, i think you are already used to my improvisation with products. lol


You don’t need a lot of it and mine lasted quite a long time so when i consider the price, package, quality and good effect on the skin i will buy it again, especially since it’s natural product with my favorite plants in it.


I’m very satisfied with this moisturiser and i would recommend it to everyone, it’s very light, gets absorbed in a few seconds, contains natural ingredients which help to nourish your skin into a beautiful, healthy and natural looking with soft feeling on it and you don’t need make up to hide behind it anymore.

Considering the quality and ingredients it has, the price is quite acceptable because there are a lot more expensive products and with even less package. Mine lasted quite long, almost 3 months with everyday usage, so 50 ml for that price and with effect on your skin which definitely makes you happy is more then decent, at least that’s my opinion.

3. BLISSFUL DAILY MOISTURISER  – for normal skin

organic-surge-50-blissful-daily-moisturizer-400x400-imadkb74gfwnrvcw organic blissful krema

Blissful Daily Moisturiser , 50 ml, softens, nourishes and rehydrates normal skin. The delicate formula soothes and rehydrates with a quickly-absorbed, lightweight texture. A blend of natural hydrators and antioxidants looks after skin ensuring a healthy, smooth complexion.

How to use it:  Put a small amount onto the tips of your fingers and work the cream into your face in a circular motion. Use daily for optimum effect and smoother skin.

Natural actives:

Rosemary essential oil – naturally purifies and tones the skin

Lemon essential oil – naturally cleanses, detoxifies and rejuvenates skin

Sweet orange essential oil – naturally eliminates toxins

Sweet almond oil – a rapidly absorbed, lightweight skin moisturiser

Green tea – naturally reduces inflammation

Natural glycerine – a natural humectant which attracts moisture to the skin

Grapeseed oil – an emollient and anti-inflammatory, naturally soothes skin

PRICE: about 13 euro

My blog moderator LeeLoo has chosen for herself this moisturiser since it was more suited for her skin type and she is quite delighted with it just like i am with mine. I tested this one on my skin as well but i gave it to her because it would be a shame to sit in a closet and i have assumed that mine will last long enough even with every day usage.

As you can see, this moisturiser has a little bit of different look but the design is almost the same, the only difference is – this is the moisturiser for normal skin type which needs little bit less of specific nourishment then dry skin does. Whole texture of this moisturiser is little bit greasier and it needs little more to be absorbed into a skin, but have in mind that moisturiser for dry skin absorbs in 5 seconds so when i say this moisturiser needs little bit longer it doesn’t mean you are gonna fall asleep in the meantime.   cozy

This moisturiser really smells like lemon so even when it comes to ingredients i move more towards those for dry skin – chamomile and roses, lemon is too sour for me.  Considering the quality it’s quite perfect as mine is, it nourishes the skin, hydrates and with long time using it skin looks better, softer, healthier and without any problems on it, it looks natural and just healthy so since we both started to use Organic Surge moisturisers, usage of other make up stuff got much less needed then before since we are simply enjoying having our skin breathing and being natural rather then having 1 kg make up and heavy doll effect. You can use it for softening problematic places on other skin places as well, like elbow, effect you can see already just after few times using it.


You should definitely try it out and then decide which moisturiser is perfect for you, there is also an Overnight moisturiser from Organic Surge line and her ingredients are a lot more similar to Super intensive moisturiser for dry skin. You also have small samples as well before you decide to buy anything so that helps a lot in choosing your own perfect day care product. For those moisturisers i have only words of praising – from design, smell, quality, effects and long duration, also the price is a little bit smaller compared to moisturiser for dry skin. They are ideal products for those summer heats, you know your skin is hydrated, nourished and protected –  and you won’t melt down along with it on the sun.  hot


Organic Surge natural products definitely deserve a chance to be tested on your own skin, gentle smell, light and velvety effect on your skin, natural and chemicals free and they still nourish your skin, hydrate it, protect and regenerate it, you have a nice feeling your skin is natural and beautiful and that you don’t need hundreds of other products to hide it. Simple, you feel good in your own skin no matter how cheap  that sounds.

I’m very satisfied with my moisturiser and when i completely use it all – hopefully i will get my hands on other one, also i’m curios about shower gels and First class face mask, maybe i’ll give it a go for shampoo and conditioner as well, but of course, first i have to find a damn job. gaah

ps. i think i have created a light novel…again smiley-wise

organic surge logoorganic_surge_skupna450x300


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