What new surprise is hiding in Ivkin kutak ( Ivana’s corner)?

ivkin kutak 3

(Bobomb overhang  – 70 kn – about 10 euro Mushroom overhang – 70 kn – 10 euro, Hello Kitty – 170 kn – 24 euro, Mini bag 70 kn – 10 euro, Overhang Pokemon 70 kn – 10 euro, Yoda – 70 kn – 10 euro, Pot decoration 100 kn – 14 euro, Ball overhang  30 kn – 4 euro, Overhang heart  40 kn – little bit less then 6 euro

* prices are very roughly translated just to give you some insights into price range

Hello,  hi as you could notice that i’m a little bit less here because of the reasons i mentioned earlier, so i won’t spoil our day whining about my problems again just wish me luck so things will be better soon and let’s go back to the blog stuff . horseSomehow i always reminds myself how much i love to write here, edit stuff, make pictures and collages, even if i’m not so often here as i used to be , i really do miss my little blog.

This time again, while the other post about cosmetics review is still in typing mode, i present you our long time awaited guest –  – Ivkin kutak ( which would be translated as Ivana’s corner) ! I have to say that i enjoyed working on this post ( and bug this person with 100 of my questionslol).

1. Welcome to our little blog so, the stage is yours, and tell us something about yourself:  racoon

“My name is Ivana, i’m 31 and i have an architect  diploma.  At this moment i do handmade work mostly in my free time.. 🙂 “

2. How long are you working on this hobby and can you describe us little bit the path of your today’s success?   smiley-wise

“Handmade stuff is something i do for a while now. I started while i was still in elementary school and mostly i was working on braided bracelets. Then when i came to high school the trend were unique handmade jewellery so we had at home tons of bracelets, necklaces and earrings of all sizes and colors. For a short while i was even painting.

Last few months of high school and at college i threw myself into a world of sewing. I made simple bags from fake fur. Mostly i sew everything by my hands because i didn’t have a sewing machine and i have never worked on one either, but the crochet was my biggest happiness. 

I have learned everything by myself, or to be more accurate, people from Youtube tought me a year and half ago.  😀  First item ever i made was a simple cloth which was so bad i thought i will never learn this properly! But next piece of it was already looking much better. I started with amigurumi’s ( characters from games like Super Mario, then little cactus, flowers…)  and now i’m already making blankets, pillow cases and clothes for kids. Everyone who have ever seen my work were excited and they have always said to me : ” You have to go and try to sell those!” and so it began…I was the most proud at the blanket on which i was working for about whole 4 months, every day little by little, after the work.”

ivkin kutak 2

(Pillow  200 kn -28 euro , Mini caps 50 kn – 7 euro, Whole set  200 kn – 28 euro, Whole set – pink one 120 kn – 17 euro, Whole set- with sandals –  160 kn – 22 euro)

3. From what materials are made your products? smiley-write

“Most of the time i use wool and cotton thread, wool is for winter time and cotton for summer time 😉 “

4. What we can find in your offer?

“In my offer is everything that people want me to have  🙂 because crochet is a very colorful and you can make almost everything you want ! The most popular objects right now are little sneakers for kids that still don’t walk, they are made in Converse style. I make them in all colors buyers want and which are available in our stores. Besides that, i made lots of kids boots for winter, caps, cellphone and tablet bags, Yoda overhang, ect.  :)” hekla

Yoda is so cool, he is on the first picture just before the introduction to this interview.

ivkin kutak 1

(Wool sneakers  100 kn – 14 euro, Cotton sneakers  120 kn – 17 euro, Shoes  80 kn – 11 euro )

5. Can you tell us more about prices of your work and how can we contact you if we want to order something?

“All the information about prices you can get over Facebook on this page  —> www.facebook.com/Ivkinkutak, where you can see all of my work.

If you are interested in any object or his price, you can contact me on this  e-mail —> ivkin.kutak@yahoo.com, or over Facebook.

i also have a little online store at  Woohoo internet store: http://www.woohoo.hr/profili/ivkin-kutak-129870. “

ivkin kutak 4

(Shoes  80 kn – 11 euro, Sandals –  80 kn – 11 euro, Blanket  900 kn – 128 euro, Pillow  200 kn – 28 euro, Light shoes  120 kn – 17 euro)

6. From all of those beautiful work you have, do you have any favorite one? 

“I have already mentioned what i have done until now and i really do like to work on everything. My wish is to learn how to sew, i even bought the sewing machine so it’s just a matter of time when i will get to like this as well.  🙂 “

7. Do you work a lot according to wishes of your buyers?   Fox Wow

“I work everything according to orders. Customer contacts me and says everything how something should look in the end – which colors and sizes, i suggest some ideas, pictures…I make everything when we agree about all details, the communication is what here matters the most  :). For example, i made a blanket according to one order. Everything was chosen by the girl who ordered it, from colors, size, details….In the end the blanket turned out to be amazing one and the girl was very happy with it! “

ivkin kutak 6

(Cellphone bag 50 kn- 7 euro, Owl cellphone bag  60 kn – 8.5 euro , Bee cellphone bag  70 kn – 10 euro , Tablet bag 100 kn -14 euro  , Socks without bottom 80 kn – 11 euro , Headband –  40 kn , Pads 6 pieces – 60 kn – 8.5 euro )

8. How  people around you accepted your hobby and the quality of objects you have? 

“I have to say that everyone were excited ! 🙂 My friends and family were the ones who were supporting me with the idea about having crochet business. Every time we talk about what i do for living, many of them have said they would go crazy just for trying to crochet for 5 minutes, for me that’s just a way of enjoying and relaxing.

Currently the best way of promoting my work is Facebook where friends keep sharing my page so that’s how the news about my work keep spreading.  🙂 Besides that, people talk about me and my work so that’s good as well  ;)”

9. Which are your future plans?  

“To spend even more time working on crochet items :), to expand my offer on objects combined with sewing, to learn some new techniques, to work on some objects i have never tried to make before and keep enjoying in it. “

And little by little we came to the end of our interview so i won’t bug you anymore with my questions, it was really a pleasure to work with you on this colaboration and thank you for remembering us  😉 Do you want to say something for the end? 

“The most beautiful thing for me is when i see a satisfied customer, when you can see how happy they are. With that they somehow reassure me that they respect my work and the time i spent doing it. Some young moms where so happy with my work so they promoted me on some Facebook pages which helped me a lot with more incoming orders. I would like to thank them again, if they read this, they know who they are.  :).

I would also like to say to all people that they keep buying handmade items because in those objects are placed a lot of hard work and love and that’s what every piece of it makes very special and unique.”

We wish you  lots of success in you work and very busy crochet schedule.  Fox Happy

ivkin kutak 7

(Flower – 50 kn – 7 euro, Needle pillow – 40 kn – little less then 6 euro, Christmas balls  25 kn – 3.5 euro, Headband 40 kn – little less then 6 euro )


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