Few words about Grundig 2 in 1 Profi Hairstyler “Straight&Curls” HS 7830

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Hello, racoon in this post i would like to say few words about this beauty which i got recently almost out the blue. I participated in one quiz held on Grundig Facebook page and first i didn’t even try because, let’s be honest, chances that you will actually get something probably were about 1 percent,  but then they put a note – they are still missing 1 winner -so i thought, hell, i’ll give it a go, and few days later i got a very pleasant mail that i have won this reward – that’s pretty much the type of news that simply knocks you down from the chair. a015

Since this beauty had arrived quite quickly to me i have decided to write few words about her, of course, a lot of  thanks goes to the Grundig team for sending her to me.  loveeeeee

GRUNDIG  –  founded in  1945. and since then they keep offering us a variety of devices  – from TV, Audio, Hifi, Personal Care, Home Appliances, Home Care, Kitchen Appliances, …

If you want to know more about them ,please visit this page and check what they have in store for you  —> http://www.grundig.de/en/

Grundig 2 in 1 Profi Hairstyler “Straight&Curls” HS 7830

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A straight and shiny look today – and perfect curls or gentle waves tomorrow. If you love flexible, fashionable styling, the HS 7830 is just your type.

Its gentle 5× Ceramic Color Protector ™ protects and cares for your hair with its constant temperature. Heating up time only 60 seconds! There are 30 levels to choose from between 110° C and 200° C. This makes it also ideal for colored and damaged hair. The 32 mm Ø of the styler help you achieve extra volume. The unique switch between both functions, the 3 m professional cable and the LCD and the temperature level indicator make the appliance easy to use.

 SPECIAL FEATURES:   Your hair styler’s styling attachment is especially gentle to hair due to its five coats of ceramic. You can use your applliance on dry, damp or towel-dried hair. Depending on the setting, the appliance can reach temperatures from 100 celzius up to 190 celzius ( + or – 10 celzius). The appliance can reach apporax 100 celzius in 60 seconds, and has a constant temperature after 2 minutes, depending on the setting.

The appliance is equipped with an automatic voltage switch. It can be used anywhere in the world at between 120 V and 240 V. To protect from overheating, your hairstyler switches itself off after about 60 minutes. The power cord is 3 metres long for optimum mobility when styling your hair. It comes with 4  years quality warranty, blue Lcd display with temperature setting, device is in black/titanium color.


Power supply: 120-240 V, 50/60 Hz

Power: 46 W

Recommended Retail Price*: 44,99 €

grundig 2

I’m quite delighted by the simple way of using this device, my experience with other types for curling your hair  usually ended up being very sceptical about them – either you get burned by them, you have no clue how to properly use them, some are too heavy and in a  weird shape, some have way too many buttons so in the end you just gave up because it’s not worthy all of that trouble.  banned

My hair is quite long, first i thought it falls along whole spine but yesterday i have seen it’s even longer then that, lolperhaps one day i will turn into a doll  – haha, i’m joking, even for me some normal length is along whole spine and that’s long enough with my 175 cm how tall i am .

I have to say that i’m running away from hairstylist on big time – mostly because i can’t find the one that actually won’t try to torture me to death with hundreds of stupid questions until they know what i have eaten for breakfast that day, gossip about half of town’s people, wash my hair even if i specifically washed it before i came there ( and then use more chemicals in those shampoos then i could possibly mix them all together at home), kill more then 5-6 or more cm of my hair and i wanted only barely 1 cm to be cut off !!! And in the end charge me even more money for a very lousy service. So, no thanks, i can cut myself that 1 cm of my hair at home , or maybe find some poor victim to do it for me.  phsyco onion

The most of the time you can hear me saying how i can’t absolutely do anything with my long hair, which isn’t exactly true, it’s not like i can’t do it’s more i don’t have that much of a free time, nerves or patience for it…..or to be even more honest about it…i’m just too damn lazy to spend more then 30 minutes on doing anything with my hair.  cozy

I think that everyone with long hair pretty much are aware how sometimes taking care about it can be a pure pain in the ass, by the time you just finish with washing it or combing, you are way too exhausted to do anything else with it, and you still have to use some products for more care and then dry it, comb it again, ect, but considering my hairstyles – they are pretty much very simple just so i can remove my hair from bugging my eyesight or chocking me during the summer – so that’s why  it goes my good old phrase – ” i can’t do anything with my hair, again..what’s the point of having a long hair then? ” sigh

My hair is quite long but naturally straight, when it’s still wet it goes in a nice little curly waves but the moment you dried it, it becomes straight one, too bad i can’t keep those curly waves that’s why i would like to have naturally little bit wavy hair which gives some volume and simple style to it  (…..or just because that would be very natural and easy looking style….which would mean i could sleep few minutes longersleep), so this Profi Hairstyler was more then welcomed by me.

It looks quite professional with a quality in it, you feel safe when you are using it having more confidence that you won’t start panicking about destroying your hair with too much heat . This time i have to say that i have finally found a purpose of Pantene Heat Defense Gloss Spray which is lurking in the closet for a while now so maybe i’ll soon write a review about it as well. Usually it’s for hair protection against damage caused by high temperatures so i think it will fit nicely in here, but let’s go back to this hairstyler device. It’s very simple to use it, you plug it in, chose what options you would like , which temperature and that’s it, the only thing you need to think about it now is what hairstyle you would like to wear today.  satisfy

You can chose between straight and curls options, i would say again, people with longer hair have more trouble with it since you need more time to actually use all of your hair and make something from it, but look at the bright side…at least it won’t be falling down on your back so lifelessly.. smil42c642dbb72ef

First i was little bit nervous about using such high heat and actually exposing my hair to it since i don’t want to damage it more then the poor thing already is, but i realized soon that Grundig device is quite good and it won’t fry your hair, just to be on the safe side, you don’t have to expose it to very high temperatures.

I was playing little bit through few stages of temperatures and few seconds of exposing the hair to that heat so i could see the effects of it and i have to say that i’m quite satisfied with it, you can quickly straighten your hair or make it curly, but yet i still have to find good “recipe” how to actually keep the hairstyle since with the weather we have here –  being windy then in a 5 minutes starts to rain and sun shining in the same moment, my hairstyle goes ….well,..literally in the wind. miser

I like the design of this hairstyler device, it’s not complicated, it looks very professional and elegant, it’s not heavy or too long and it’s easy to handle it, especially since it gets warmer during the time when you use it, i didn’t get burned either on the device itself of ceramic coats, and it’s gets cold quite fast as well so you can tuck it in back to his box.


I think it’s quite good solution if you want to change your hairstyle and you don’t have much free time to do it, it’s fast and gives good results, it’s easy to use and you don’t get burned on it ( like with Figaro devices), it’s gentle towards the hair and certainly stands for a Grundig quality with a reason.

Of course, i would not recommend it to torture your hair every day with high temperatures because with time it will become very dry or damaged and don’t forget to prepare more care and nourishment for your hair when you have some time, but until then you can enjoy in your new hairstyles ( and hopefully in a few good compliments as well ). no way



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