Review of 4 Collistar products ;)

collistar 5

Hello,  congrati asked on Facebook what people would like to see in a review and the winner was Collistar, so i have listened  your wishes and this time i will try to write more about 4 products of cosmetics from their brand. Just to mention it right away, i’ll will have a mix of photos, some of them will be from net and some mine which, of course, always have my own signature.

I have to admit that Collistar flew in quite surprisingly so i didn’t do it right this time as my usual  plan it would require  ( shame on me suffer). Usually when i get my hands on some new stuff i tried it the same day and then wear it a little bit, write down some details i noticed so the most of my posts are scattered everywhere. Besides that as you may know, my “hamster” syndrome with collecting stuff pops out from time to time so i just have to collect stuff even if i don’t have time to actually use them all so sometimes i got friends who just pick up few things from me.

One of my other problems is that i don’t have a good camera or cellphone so my moderator jumps in to save the day sometimes, and the point of this novel is that i was little bit clumsy so all of my notes i made about products are still here but i didn’t make pictures on time before they were borrowed by friends, and those pictures i do have, have been taken at worst possible moment when i wasn’t feeling that great……. i’m not that much satisfied with the whole post, i tend to be a perfectionist my apologies this time and i’ll try not to do something like that again in the future…but i can’t promise you anything. No worries, you will still have plenty of this “novel” to read.  uhhh

collistar 1

This time i will write more about Collistar line of cosmetics which isn’t so much known in my country since, as usual, we are always behind with all the good stuff, especially when something new comes out and by the time it finally comes to our stores, it can take months , if we even get it.

COLLISTAR  is multinational Italian brand of cosmetics  whose products today we can find in more then 40 countries wordwide, and hopefully soon in others as well.

For more info please visit this website  —>

or if you have any questions try to find a Collistar Facebook page from your country 😉


For its new spring collection, Collistar was inspired by the stunning Mediterannean island of Capri with its breathtaking landscapes and its famous town square, the symbol of an unmistakable style of which Jacqueline Kennedy is the icon. The Capri collection is a celebration of this seemingly casual but carefully studied style, the exaltation of femininity without excesses, of the woman who is naturally elegant in any setting. The shades are those of the sea, of bouganville, of vegetation and fruit.

As so can see on those professional photos and not mine which are equivalent to disaster and you keep guessing what’s that blurry on the picture, lolthis is how new Capri collection looks like on someone. 

Capri collection includes : 

  • Silk Effect Blusher Eyeshadow – this multi-coloured compact powder with an exclusive weave pattern can be used both as eyeshadow and blusher. It is available in:  Amber Weave i Rosy Weave
  • Silk Effect Eyeshadow has a very soft satiny texture and it’s available in 3 new light shades: Satin TurquoiseSatin Ivory and Satin Dove-Grey
    • Professional Eyeliner – available in  Sea Blue and Ivy Green
    • Mascara Infinito High Precision – to define, shape and perfectly separate the lashes, now available in blue color
    • Silk Effect Bronzing Powder available in Coffee and Tabacco
    • Topgloss stick is now available in Cherry, Nude, Mandarin and Grenadine.
    • Smoothing Filler make up base – to smooth skin, minimize imperfections and erase wrinkles
      • Perfect Nails Enamel with nail hardener – available in MintMilk , Marc, Ivy and Papaya

WHERE TO BUY: here you can check what’s your nearest place to buy their products —>

PRICES : 1. Silk Effect Bronzing powder 10 g, no. 12,Coffee  –about 28 euro

2. Silk Effect Eyeshadow – shade 58, Satin Turquoise  – about 14 euro

3. Perfect Nails Nail Polisher – shade  76 Papaya Lacca– about 13 euro

4. Professional Eyeliner – shade Sea blue – about 20 euro


collistar 2  collistar 4

On the picture you can see how that looks like on my skin, no. 1 is  Silk Effect Eyeshadow – shade 58, Satin Turquoise

no 2. Silk Effect Bronzing powder -10 g,  no. 12, Coffee

no. 3. Avon Glazewear lip gloss, shade  Lavender – but about this one maybe some other time, i tried to capture all that glitter in Lip Gloss, but they don’t want to cooperate…if anyone remembers small tubes of glitter that used to be popular when we were little around Christmas time, yeah, that’s exactly how this Lip Gloss looks like with it’s effect …pure glitter. kaw kaw

So, let’s start with  Silk Effect Bronzing powder -10 g,  no. 12, Coffee

To naturally revive the complexion or to enhance and intensify a golden tan, finish off the make-up Silk Effect Bronzing Powder. Unique and inimitable, this has always been the most popular bronzing powder sold in perfumeries. Ultra-light and silky, in just a few seconds it enhances the face with delicate shades of translucent golden color while, at the same time, guaranteeing a valuable moisturising and protective action. Available in a wide range of pearly or mat shades, ideal both for accentuating early tans and for adding color to pale skin, enhancing it with an extremely natural ‘healthy glow’ effect.

I’ll skip ingredients since no one actually reads that and i don’t see the point of writing down words i can’t even pronounce and they don’t really enlighten me either how this product was made.

As you can see on my skin, this bronzing powder isn’t really for me, actually i doubt any of them are, unless they start to make bronzing powders for ghostly people, my skin is really natural pale so there is no much of a point putting the bronzing powder or blusher on it because then it turns out be some doll effect. It’s kinda too bad since i’m quite delighted by this Collistar product.  yay

All of their products come in a really cute white boxes with golden logo on it. Design is quite cute, elegant, somehow you feel just plain spoiled when you are opening everything, inside there is a plastic foil that protects the product and really big mirror, which is actually a good idea not just for applying the bronzing powder but for checking out the rest of the make up as well.

I have to say that my entire room starts to smell like Collistar products when i open them, they really do smell amazing so i have spent some times sniffing the smell, bronzing powder also smells really nice and relaxing. It contains 10 grams of no. 12 shade, Coffee which of course has printed Collistar logo on it. The price is something that really catches the eyes because it’s little bit too expensive for us, but if you think that you need quality, bronzing powder will really last a long time and you even get a nice mirror in it – it’s kinda worth it.

Whole texture of bronzing powder is quite light, it has really nice silky powder which you can easily apply and the powder doesn’t crumbles when you are using it so that’s also a really good plus, it’s quite long lasting and you can easily remove it as well. I’m sure you are quite happy when you have to scrub down your make up and you are so tired that barely can stand on your feet. Bronzing powder adapts to your skin color and leaves very silky effect on your skin, smells great but not too strong…but i really do fall for things that smell good.  smil42c642dbb72ef

GRADE  5/5

From conversations i had with some of the users of this Collistar bronzing powder i could say that they only had words of praise for it, mostly from design, long lasting effect, quality and slow usage of the product, after year and half every day usage it’s still won’t be completely used. Too bad i’m so pale for this products but i have tried it and i can’t find any complaints about it, maybe only the price. Package will really last a long time, bronzing powder smells really amazing, it’s light, long lasting, adapts on the skin and the whole design it’s really elegant and very tempting to every women that just wants to feel special and little bit spoiled by the amazing product. I really do recommend to try it if you can.

Silk Effect Eyeshadow – shade 58, Satin Turquoise

collistar 7

To my quite big misery and to try redeem myself for not having all pictures of products, i took a picture of wearing  Silk Effect Eyeshadow – shade 58, Satin Turquoise, and i have to say in my defense that i haven’t been feeling that great when i took this picture + my blurry camera, so have mercy on me.  Believe me or not, i have only Avon Lip Gloss and this shade of Collistar Eyeshadow, nothing else from other make up.

Just out of the curiostiy, how old you would say i am? This always makes me laugh, so shoot.  lol.

collistar 3

Design is almost the same for all Collistar products so i won’t repeat it all again, it comes with his little white box and kinda reminds me as a little version of Collistar bronzing powder, but smaller size and quantity. When you open it, inside is a small mirror and white little applying brush. My shade is no.   58, Satin Turquoise and reminds me of very gentle and light exotic color of the ocean.

This is little mono eyeshadow which is quite easy to hide in a purse and carry it with you. Light and as airy as silk, this eyeshadow enhances the eyelids with seductive highlights and keeps them soft and smooth. Formulated with hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and UV filters, it guarantees radiant, protective and long-lasting make-up. In a wide range of iridescent and satine shades. It has about 18 shades and it doesn’t start to gather on the eyelids after a while, i tried it without a primer and i have to say it lasted surprisingly a long time, i even forgot i have it.

It’s very easy to apply and you don’t need a lot of it, color is very gentle and nicely pigmented, it can last a long time, but it doesn’t have any smell, since i got used to how all Collistar products smell really good i kinda miss it, but we will forgive them this time. 😛 I really do like it, it’s elegant and you can hear “click” sound when you close it so it won’t open by itself and made a mess in your bag, it gives you light and natural, but refreshing look for those  way too hot summer days. ( now that have been said, i can hear a storm coming this way   shrug).

GRADE  4.9/5

It’s perfect little mono eyeshadow, high quality and quite cute and elegant design will quickly capture your attention and you can always check in a small mirror how it’s the rest of your make up doing and no need to spend next half of hour looking for a tiny mirror in your bag, where you can’t find anything on time. Price is little bit too much for a mono eyeshadow but then again….if you want quality it won’t bother you. It doesn’t crumbles, doesn’t break easily not even the applying brush, i don’t know if someone had the same exp when it gets broken just after few times of using it so you get quite grumpy about  wasting your money on something so cheap and fragile.There are lots of shades to choose from and it’s very lovely refreshment for summer day.

Professional Eyeliner – shade Sea blue

collistar 11

collistar eyeliner professionare mare

Thanks to it’s ultra-fine brush, this eyeliner defines the eye contours with an extremely accurate and even line that remains flawless all day long. It’s formula, based on selected substances or natural origin, protects and moisturises the delicate skin of the eye area. Available in several colors and versions also with glitter for eyes like jewels.

This eyeliner has a very accurate brush, it’s not too hard to get poked in the yes ( like one specific person which usually does that smil42c642dbb72ef) It needs a little bit of a time to get used to if you haven’t used something like that before but besides that, you can apply it easily, color is nicely pigmented and lasts quite long, now, how much courage you have to actually wear intensive colors as eyeliner and how that will look on you, that’s totally up to you.  

For this object i don’t pictures how that would look on me, sorry about that, but you can always look at professional pictures with beautiful models. Sea blue it’s quite gentle, light, bright and optimistic shade that will always refresh your look and give a little bit of that optimism to others as well.  

GRADE 4.9/5

Like i have already mentioned, price is little too high but gets reasoned because it offers quality in exchange so if you want new, refreshing and intensive look that will capture attention people around you, you are gonna be happy about it. 5 ml of product will last quite a long time because this eyeliner in general really does have very slow usage no matter how often you may wear it, it’s has a really great lasting effect on your eyes and it won’t melt or erase that easily.

 Perfect nails Enamel – no.  76 Papaya Lacca- with nail hardener

collistar 4 DSC01691

And the last product for this review is Perfect Nails Enamel with nail hardener, i rather put photo from net then mine since i simply didn’t want to embarrass myself with my nails because they all nicely broke in a sign of protest towards me.  miser

Absolutely perfect nail polish: • ultra-resistant and exceptionally long-lasting wear • quick and easy to apply, thanks to the special ‘professional’ flat brush that ensures maximum control • perfect coverage right from the first stroke • extraordinarily quick drying
• patented formula with nail hardener and vitamins A and E to protect, nourish and reinforce the nails • wide range of colors from classic to trendy shades.

My shade is no. 76, Papaya Lacca, there is more of them – about 30 or more. This is the nail polisher with nail hardener, vitamins A and E and i really have to say it lasts so long you just can’t wait to notice any damage on it so you can finally take it down because you feel sorry to ruin a good manicure. I really haven’t find any other nail polisher that will last for days without any damage on it and it got tested on lots of housework, gardening, washing dishes, ect.

Brush is really good and soft, nail polisher gets easily applied and maybe on the first glance it may look that color is little bit transparent, don’t worry, that just temporary effect until it gets dry, it’s quite pigmented and you don’t need to apply it more. Mine took a little bit longer that i expected to dry off, but lately i have been used to speed dry nail polishes that simply gets dry in a 3 seconds so maybe that’s why i was little bit impatient. It has 10 ml of product and i doubt it will be get used so soon, i really can’t remember if i ever used any nail polisher until the end, they get very dry before that. lol

Color is a little too bright for me so i like to combine it with some other colors, this time price is definetely a little bit too much, sure, it’s a quality and it really last long but considering how you can buy some nail polishers for a very low price, you are gonna think more then twice to buy it, especially if you are like me and you hardly ever use anything to the end. One thing i had noticed also was that it doesn’t smell so intensive like some nail polishers to, which is also a really good plus, because as a person which often suffers from migraines, i’m not really delighted when i sniff something and then triggers the headaches.

GRADE  4.5/5

Considering the Collistar nail polishers, i simply adore them, they really amazed me how long they can last without damaging the color, they have really a lot of shades to try out but the price is a little bit too high for one nail polisher. Sure they are really high quality, they don’t damage the nails either, just the opposite, nourish them but i would really wish that they are available in price for all of us.

Here, that would be all from this review, this time i really did type a lot of text and put lots of photos, so tell me your opinion about Collistar cosmetics and about this “review novel” , sorry about blurry pictures, but i work with what i have, as long some better mobile phone won’t land in my lap, but for that we will all wait a veryyyyyyyyyyyy long time.  smil42c642dbb72ef


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