Few things about me

Hrvatska verzija ovog teksta nalazi se ovdje —-


me with rimmelHello,uhhh i decided to write down  some general stuff about old little me even if i’m not that much crazy about  profiling myself:

NAME: Suzana S. – writing as Sana Sorey

Why alias name: because since i was little i always wanted to write fantasy novels and have my own alias/artistic name …i did try to write them just i got discouraged little bit, i guess, since i realized that in my country, there is 98 % of a chance that they will never be published.

When i was 17 i wrote a novel with about 270 a4 pages…..for a 6 days in total……today i would change a lot of it and made a whole series …but it’s pointless in my country.

BORN: 7.11.1988. – Zagreb

ZODIAC: one very stubborn scorpion scorpion

CONTACT INFO: if you want to ask me something, you can do so on my blog, Facebook page or send me an email towww-text_107 : shadowdaleraven@gmail.com

JOB: that’s just a constant nightmare, it’s not that i’m picky, i sent applies to many different jobs and those who  actually reply either say i have too much school for that job place or not enough, some are bothered that i am a administrative worker, and so on come back….the best i can get are some seasonal jobs which usually just depend on the season and don’t last too long.

ChibiMaker5FASHION STYLE: i prefer to wear black clothes, some mix of elegant and rock style with natural looking make up, also it’s hard to ditch my amazement by Gothic fashion ( but that doesn’t mean i’m strolling on the street with long Viktorian dress and parasol in my hands lol )

ADDICTED TO: chocolate and sweets  – Bajadera, Griotte, Rafaello, Lindt, Milka, Dorina, doesn’t matter actually which one is it – i will eat chocolate for cooking as well if there is nothing else there – people around me already have learned that if they do something wrong the best way to soothe my anger is to bring me something sweet and then bring up the bad news give me

CAN’T UNDERSTAND ADDICTION TO: cigarettes, alcohol, coffee – i don’t smoke, don’t drink coffee – sometimes and from automatic machines so i really wouldn’t call that a coffee,  i drink alcohol just in special times and also never , ever, got drunk in my life

FAVORITE ANIMALS: i really like animals and they too seem to be at ease around me since my garden is usually full like a zoo; i have generations of cats and also like to pick up strays, also will feed any guests that shows up here – from all kinds of birds, hedgehogs, lizards, stray cats,frogs,  ect.kitty

I am very fascinated by horses…..but i also wanted a dragon for a pet…………………………….so there is that.cat44

garfield for blog,jpg

(This little fluffy thing is Garfield, one very lazy cat who keeps snoring all day, often does something funny or what simply doesn’t makes any sense, likes to chase butterflies but his hunting instincts are below zero, he is our little bundle of joy varie5……)

FAVORITE MUSIC: i guess my music would be kinda labeled as metal, goth to rock, also i don’t listen anything from Croatia itself…that’s just…too terrible …..so what do i listen: Cradle of filth, Deathstars, Slipknot, Black Veil Brides, The Used, Rammstein, Eluveitie, Bullet For My Valentine, Ensiferum, Elvenking, Within Temptation, Evanescence, Disturbed, Imagine Dragons, The agonist, Avenged Sevenfold, Children of Bodom, Dope stars inc, Blood Stain Child, Murderdolls, Wednesday 13, In Flames, Lordi, Lovex, Three Days Grace, Nightwish, Tvangeste, The 69 Eyes, ect…..the list goes on and on…….

ChibiMaker4FAVORITE BOOKS: i’m a bookworm, i read so many books when i was little that my dad actually put a limit on me how many i can read per week – one book was only amusement for me for a few hours ….all that speech about ruining your eyesight, going out on fresh air and stuff…until today my favorite Croatian writer is Marija Jurić Zagorka with all of her books, also i would mention Viktoria Faust as well.

From other books i have to mention all books from Forgotten realms series, then Vampire kisses by Ellen Schreiber, then series about Anita Blake – but earlier ones, i stopped reading after 10 or 11 book since the plot just wasn’t what it used to be.  My favorite also are books from Karl May – Winnetou – wild west, cowboys and american indians -i was really sad when i first read it, really loved the characters and then got really sad when Winnetou got killed. indiangaah

It is worth mentioning 3 books  Ghost and the goth by Stacey Kade and Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare – books are ok even if i like prequels better, movie was ok…but tv show is just terrible.

I love books with fantasy themes – witches, dragons, magic, vampires, and all mythology creatures, but i must say i don’t like Twilight books or movies, for example, i read so many books about vampires and watched so many movies and some of them really had bad quality but there wasn’t any other that would have that bad impression on me as Twilight saga did…..glitter vampires, teen drama and a main character which fells down every few minutes…..wow…..uhhh

FAVORITE MOVIES: there is just too many of them to even start somewhere – mostly action movies, horrors, vampire movies and then comedies….not really into dramas or love stuff…..so far i really like Avengers and movies with their heroes and also Pirates of the  Caribbean movies. freddy

FAVORITE TV SHOWS : also too many of them,  since i was little i spent way too much staring at tv – grew up watching Buffy the vampire slayer, Angel, Dark Angel, Roswell, Alias, Dead like me, Invisible man, Xena the warrior princess, La femme Nikita, Charmed, Prison break, X Files, …

now i have watched Supernatural, Vampire diaries, Originals,Blindspot, Limitless, Scorpion, American Horor story, Grimm, Sleepy Hollow, Marvels agents of Shield, Quantico, Unforgettable, Shadowhunters, Under the dome, Defiance, Stitchers, Killjoys, Arrow, The 100, The walking dead, White collar, Once upon a time, True blood ( must say not really impressed), Continuum, Game of thrones, Hannibal, , Terminator : Sarah Connor Chronicle, Ghost Whisperer, Lost girl, Covert Affairs,….if anything is interesting i will waste hours of my life and watch it buffy

MANGA/ANIME: also became quite a fan of watching Anime and reading Manga – there are lots of GB on my computer containing dozens and dozens of still unread manga, the best is Perfect girl evolution, Skip beat, Naruto, Inuyasha,Bleach, Vampire Knight, Nurarihyon no Mago …..and tons of  more, trust me, once i tried to make a list, gave up after few hundreds of them… sunako gif

My favorite artist is Hwang Mi Ri – i love drawings even if some plots are similar…but which women doesn’t dream of catching and taming a bad boy?lol

I also like playing games, too bad i don’t have a Play station – i probably wouldn’t leave my room at all. cat44

TATTOOS: they are simply my passion, i have few of them and each of them represents a piece of my personality or reminder on something …still missing few more to complete the plan i had in mind

WHAT I REALLY DON’T LIKE: people who stab you in the back without even knowing you, those who live in their own world of being superb to everyone else and if you are not with them..you are automatically against them, i don’t like dramas or involving with those kind of people, they will keep stepping on everyone else …until life won’t hit them in the head and put them on a ground kava…also i have 0 tolerance towards people who attack others just because there is something different about them.

MY PERSONALITY:  i keep my word – no matter what, if i promised to do something i will, also really have low tolerance for people who keep forgetting stuff and don’t keep their promises, they are always late and those are people you simply can’t rely on.

me with rimmel 2

I’m also quite stubborn, lazy most of the time if i have any free time, brutally honest, creative with lots of imagination, tends to be perfectionist – if i do something, it has to be close to perfect lol, i don’t like competitions but will try to win just because losing isn’t really a good option for a scorpion, very loyal friend and keeper of secrets, it’s very hard to earn my trust and  simply hard to surprise me no matter what you do or say anymore, always will help people if i can but i must say..i become very unpleasant person do deal with it after you betray my trust or stab me in the back. killer onion

IN RELATIONSHIP: i think i will rather stick with 50 cats….lol…really don’t like people who are cheating, lying and don’t respect your partner – those will never be forgiven by me

FRIENDS:  lucky to have few very close friends and i tend to keep it that way

ChibiMaker6WHY I STARTED THE BLOG: i wanted to start few projects of mine and to see how it will go, who knows maybe i will do something with my life, and maybe not misli…one thing i know is that i really love writing on my blog, it kinda feels like a have a productive purpose in my life so i will not be giving up on that as long as i can….also i would really like to see how far i can go with it just on my own, so far what i have seen – world of bloggers here is mostly…like a snake pit.

Currently i am working on introducing more themes to the blog – and also every single one of them is explained on its own page so you can hunt down for a specific information you want.

Also im hoping i can squeeze some time to go back writing on both language – English and a Croatian, but that will take time ….

One thing my readers could notice that i don’t really like taking pictures of myself so i don’t have a Youtube channel and i am not making any make up tutorials, also i don’t copy themes from other bloggers – so i don’t have month in pictures, favorite products, empties, new in, what’ s in my bag, who does my make up, ect…..borrrrrring…………..i like to write, edit, create something from my own creativity and themes …and that’s for my blog  enough.mirko

I created these little chibi versions of me and also a cool cover which kinda represents me and themes on my blog – this is hobby in which i invest a huge amount of time – more then other bloggers here -so i like my own freedom and style of writing – with cooperations that support my work. I don’t really feel like selling my soul just because i got something free.

xena cat

(This one trespasses a lot :P, i like to call her a Xena, she is quite lively, good hunter even if she doesn’t want to eat the prey, she is sweet and likes to cuddle a lot, and can’t be 5 seconds at peace )

I also have a black cat – go figure, ahahahaha, Blackie likes to snore whole day and eat this favorite cat food…

So, welcome….i am just a little bit weird and crazy, the rest is too much sugar in my bloodstream. lol

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3 Responses to Few things about me

  1. tinakris777 says:

    You are such an interesting person! I would like to know more about your tattoos…and do you have some other interesting books to recommend? 🙂

    • sanasorey says:

      ahahaha, thanks, i highly doubt i could be called interesting..more just stubborn and always sticking out with the things i manage to blab out 😛
      Considering the books lately i just don’t have time to read anything, i think last ones i read were Ghost and the Goth, 3 books from the series, besides if you like fantasy novels then all books from Forgotten realms are more then welcome…i think there is at least 100 of them 😛

      I have few tattoos, but sadly just avoid camera most of the time to actually take a picture of them :P, there is a big ankh on my left arm, small tribal dragon on right shoulder, tribal black widow spider on my back, Japanese letters on my neck, English phrase also on my back above the spider, and another phrase – Chinese one this time going down my spine. I’m still missing few of them, lol 😛

      • tinakris777 says:

        Yes, I like fantasy and dark-themed books. Thx for the recommendations 😀 Well, to me you are interesting, maybe because we have similar interests and tastes. You rock! 😀 😉

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